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"In the distant future I see open fields for far more important researches. Psychology will be based on a [[[noSoul|new]]] foundation, that of the necessary acquirement of each mental power and capacity by gradation" - Charles Darwin It is unfortunate at this point in time that this foundation is already about 150 years old. In terms of human knowledge acquisition pace, this is [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/freud|a very long time]]]. [[[[[images/Darwin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] 1
"In the distant future I see open fields for far more important researches. Psychology will be based on a new foundation, that of the necessary acquirement of each mental power and capacity by gradation" - Charles Darwin It is not incidental that birds know how to fly, but sometimes need a shove off the nest, and that dear know how to walk in just a few minutes, while babies take a year or so. Yet, as adults, we have no clue what we do when we walk. It is well engraved in muscle memory and we are no longer concious of anything but our desire, being at point A, to arrive at point B. We perform the task in a certain way, subconciously expressing our individuality with our body language. The most important component in the human brain, that which makes it so superior, is that which is not there, and will be learned later. Its the "Tabula Rasa" component of the brain. For evolution, it is not really important for us to have lost the walking genes. It is incidental in the gradations of the evolutionary process of erasing instints and make space to form an expanded Tabula Rasa component in the brain. The lanaguage we speak is loaded with complex concepts and the formation of concepts that drive our thuoghts, as well as the formation of sentences as we speak, must containe automatic, muscle memory like subsystems, to allow us to converse without effort the more experience we gain in conversing. The process of selecting words and forming sentences is subconcious, for the most part. This means that almost every word we say is a Freudian slip, and there is always more information coming out than what we had intended. [[[[[images/muscles.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/memory.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Freud.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[etfk|Everything]]] in nature has a purpose. Nature is perfect. Many species are kind and symbiotic to one another. Man has descended from the ape. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/ape|ape]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] 1
A Darwin Call is that which the [[[noSoul|evolution based psychology]]] commands that one does while exercising limited control over [[[etfk|motivations and actions]]]. e.g. This woman is attractive. [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/matrix|The Matrix]]] [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/pavlov|Pavlov]]] [[[[[images/MatrixWomanInRed.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/PavlovDog.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
A while back, I tried to climb back up the tree. [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/MonkeysOnTree.jpg]]]]] It was on a hill side, and trying to hold on to a steady branch, it broke loose and I fell down. Trying to get up I accidentally stepped on the broken branch. Rolling downhill uncontrollably, I broke a leg. [[[[[images/treeTrunk.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/RollingDownhillUncontrollably.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/breakAleg.jpg]]]]] My friend, who was near and saw what happened, rolled us down the short hill, using a slightly better branch. Later, there was a road there, and they wheeled me into the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/invent|ambulance]]]. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/domestication|domestication]]] [[[[[images/treeTrunk.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/tree_trunk_cross_section.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/wheel.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/wheel2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/stretcherOnWheels.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ambulance.jpg]]]]] 1
According to the D. Postulate, computer programs behave like life with possibly one critical exception: Their conditions of life, which are the hardware machines that store them, do not behave in accordance with the D. Postulate. Its like earth being hit by a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/meteor|meteor]]] every so [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Computer|often]]]. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/domestication|domestication]]] [[[[[images/computers.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/meteor.jpg]]]]] 1
Charles [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/darwin|Darwin]]] explains why the high variability of the hands of the [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/Orangutan |Orangutan]]] shows us that they are just starting to form and are a new improvement in the process of evolving. [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/scien|Science]]] tells us that the evolution of man started about 2,000,000 years ago and is at a halt since 100,000 years ago. Did our emotions and subconsciousness have time enough to evolve to the perfection Charles Darwin conditions as being: As Good as Needed To Survive. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/Orangutan|Orangutan]]] [[[[[images/Orangutan.jpg|Orangutan]]]]] 1
Charles Darwin goes to great length to explain why [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/artificial|Domesticated]]] Selection works much faster than Natural Selection and also creates monstrosities. In short, the selection process is not guided by survival. Rather, the selection is done by man. Despite common misunderstanding, cloning merly means the genes have a single origin, much like in asexual reproduction, so common in plants and lower life forms. Mutations always occur, regardless, and variations are guranteed to always exist. One must first select what to clone. If cloning becomes common, for man or animal, standards for early abortions will also soon develop, thereby falling in the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/clon|laps]]] of the D. Postulate. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/domestication|domestication]]] [[[[[images/SheepClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/CowClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/DogClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/RobotClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/StarWarsDroidArmy.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/StarWarsCloneArmy.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fetus.jpg]]]]] 1
Definitions of Gods: A G. God is anything that we normally refer to when we say: A God, or Gods. Examples: Allah, Buddha, Zeus, Darwin. A D. God - D. standing for Charles Darwin - Anything we perceive to believe without need for faith. Examples: Newton, Einstein, Aristotle, Heisenberg, Charles Darwin. [[[[[images/Allah.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/buddha.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Zeus.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Charles Darwin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Newton.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Einstein.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Aristoteles.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Heisenberg.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Charles Darwin.jpg]]]]] 1
Fear is the most primary emotion. Fear of discovering we are in a crib. Fear of anything non-newtonian. Fear of Albert Einstein and his weird exploding Atoms. Fear of Heisenberg, who has proven scientifically we can never know anything. Fear of Darwin. Fear Of God. Fear there is no God. The conscious mind fears the unknown for being the most dangerous. Subconsciously - to a degree - it translates to the [[[[theora.com/guitar/fear/20080329-fear.mp3|fear]]]] of death which is the most unknown. [[[[[images/LoveHeart.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/crib.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/G.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Einstein.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Heisenberg.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Charles Darwin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/God.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/puffOfLogic.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Douglas Adams.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Death.jpg]]]]] 1
First we called it the Origin of Species. Then we called it a theory, meaning a supposition, or something to theorize about. Then we slowly evolved towards theory, meaning "system of ideas", as in being theoretical as opposed to practical, as something to study in school, like the theory of bridge construction in engineering school. Then, we said, "well, its probably true, but its too complex to understand, so lets just believe in it and be done with it." We now have just another [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/religion|religion]]]. [[[[[images/Bible.jpg]]]]] 1
Genesis Ch. 30, V. 32: Let me pass through all your flock today, removing from there all the speckled and spotted sheep, and all the brown ones among the lambs, and the spotted and speckled among the goats" Jacob evidently understood evolution theory much better than Laban. My cat is very well trained. [[[[[images/Nekko1.jpg]]]]] She knows how to pee for people. [[[[[images/catLitter.jpg]]]]] The tendency to mess around with one's droppings or urine is very common in nature. [[[[[images/animalDroppings.jpg]]]]] Nevertheless, cats don't really do That in nature. This trait is human created. By ever so slightly being different in litter habits then other cats, and having been carefully selected for the virtue of cleanliness, over many generations, a habit was formed in the genes. [[[[[images/soap.jpg]]]]] [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/domestication|domestication]]] [[[OnTheOriginOfSpecies/msdbSearchText/title/Habit Use and Disuse|Habit Use and Disuse]]] [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/Egyptian|Walk Like an Egyptian]]] 1
Genesis, Ch. 1, V. 21-22: So [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/god|God]]] created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves, with which the water abounded, according to their kind, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God blessed them, saying: "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth" Genesis, Ch. 1, V. 28: Then God blessed them, and God said to them: "fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth" This was some 5700 years ago, while [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/darwin|Charles Darwin]]], sitting on a four and a half billion year old rock in the corner, smiled and said: All creatures are created equal. They will all subdue one another. There is no dominion save what you create for yourself, and this is how we got thus far, dominion included. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/replication|replication]]] [[[[[images/God.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/rock.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Darwin.jpg]]]]] 1
How human of you, how human are you really, well I am Only human. Noun: 1. An individual of a species called mankind. Adjective: Having or showing that which is distinct to being human, as opposed to animal or God. The mixture of meaning of adjective and noun is dangerous. We are human by noun, and to a degree by adjective. The degree is highly variable. This we know from the hands of the [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/Orangutan|Orangutan]]]. [[[[[images/woman.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/man.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] 1
I once bread about 4000 Gourami fish. I was some 10 years old at the time. And Then There Were Three. And then there was one. I called him The [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/title/struggle for existence|Brute]]]. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/death|Death]]] [[[[[images/fishSchool.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/andThenThereWereThree.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/gourami.jpg]]]]] 1
If I could explain to you the logic of why I love [[[Reggy/msdbSearchText/story/love|her]]], you will fall in love with her as soon as you understand my explanation. Emotions are by definition [[[noSoul|subconscious]]]. The explanation is there, but you might need to search through near infinite ancestry to find it. Whales, pigeons, and many other [[[etfk|animals]]] fall hopelessly in love with their first and only sexual partner. Scientifically, it is considered a well known fact, the relevant chemistry in the brain is well understood, and no further explanation is due. Comparatively speaking, a catholic marriage is merely wishful. Even the brain chemistry of motherly Love is sometimes questionable in [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/love|humans]]]. [[[[[images/LoveHeart.jpg]]]]] 1
If you approach an Amoeba with a sharp needle close enough without touching it, it will move to avoid it. [[[[[images/amoeba.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/amoeba1.jpg]]]]] Fear is a rather complex emotional response to danger, having a very ancient ancestor. [[[[[images/fear.jpg]]]]] The amoeba is not aware of the political and territorial wars with its neighboring amoebas. [[[[[images/amoebas.jpg]]]]] In time it will be, and it will also develop the necessary mental powers to deal with the issue, and their evolving mid-stage imperfections. We [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/fear|are]]] in a very early mid-stage in this respect. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/variation|variation]]] [[[[[images/amoeba.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fish.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Reptile.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/orangutan2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wildlife.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/OscarWilde.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] 1
Is but a small [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/symb|symbiotic]]] element in the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/evol|evoltion]]] of the knife. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/domestication|domestication]]] [[[[[images/bread.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/slicedBread.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/knife.jpg]]]]] 1
It is convenient to speak of Charles Darwin as a God whenever such is commanded, or of the commanded entity as obeying a set of rules of a religion. The type of command is termed a Darwin Call. e.g. Thou art called upon to notice this [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/god|woman]]]. [[[[[images/GOD2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Darwin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/MatrixWomanInRed.jpg]]]]] 1
It is not incidental that humanity will instinctively refuse to accept [[[etfk|Evolution Theory]]], while it habitually accepts on faith many other scientific facts. Evolution does not make sense at all, emotionally. Je Pense Donc Je Suis, and I find it hard to believe that I am a product of some random variations of an ape. The [[[noSoul|reason]]] we have such strong emotions about these things is that emotions have evolved slowly along with the rest of the of the brain in the course of protecting mankind from harm, in an infinitely dangerous process of surviving to arrive at being human, and end up having such complex [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/emotion|emotions]]]. [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] 1
Jeremiah, Chapter 31, 29, and Ezekiel, Ch. 18, V. 2: "The Fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge" So did those of the dinosaurs. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/Variation|Variation]]] [[[[[images/grapes.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/dinosaur.jpg]]]]] 1
Life on earth will probably exist for as long as the sun or center of the earth provide energy. It will probably end with the aid of Extra Terrestrial forces: A meteor will hit, the sun will cool down while becoming too distant, a black hole will swallow, or something else. Mankind will have one day the power, to shift the moon from its natural orbit. [[[[[images/life.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Earth.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/sun.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/earthCore.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/ET.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/meteor.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/blackHole.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/OscarWilde.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/power.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/moon.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/nature.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/orbit.gif]]]]] 1
Look at the [[Penguin|penguins]] fighting the cold in the antarctic, and be Sure, that if a cop stops you on a cold night in the middle of the highway for speeding, he will be nice, even if he is evil most other times. It lies in ancient genes that it is better to unite to combat the cold. Human [[[noSoul|psychology]]] must develop in accordance, much like that of the Penguin. Cop evil is mentally subject to Relatively heightened restraint in the cold, just like penguine evil. The reason you can be certain, despite the relativity, that he will be nice, is that you are a penguin too, so you Must trust him to be nice. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/struggle|struggle]]] [[[[[images/EmperorPenguins.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/police.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/cold.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/happiness1.jpg]]]]] 1
Looking at the development of elements of [[[noSoul/msdbSearchText/story/muscle memory|muscle memory]]] in our brain as we pass through time, It is easy to show that they meet the conditions set by the D. Postulate: [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/replication|reproduction]]] - babies learn to speak by merely listening and copying. [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/death|Extinction]]] - and they always make more mistakes than not and somehow manage to totally extinguish the mistakes. [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/Variation|Variation]]] - the degree is low: We learn mostly by repeating the same material with slight variations. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/domestication|domestication]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] 1
Mankind mostly does not know we are still in the [[[DarwinCall/msdbCat/title/crib|crib]]]. Being with the capacity to rule the world for a mere 100,000 years is not long in [[[etfk|Evolution]]] [[[noSoul|terms]]]. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/domestication|domestication]]] [[[[[images/crib.jpg]]]]] 1
Nobody can lie nor tell the truth. One can only diseminate information having certain goal(s) possibly with varying degrees of self awareness. We always hide from others - at least to a degree - that which we hide from ourselves, and we can never claim full awarness of our actions or of the words we speak. [[[[[images/neo.jpg]]]]] 1
Place three bowls of water on the table. One with ice cold water, one with very warm water, one at room temperature, at the center. Place hands at the end bowls for a while. Then, immediately place both hands in the center bowl. [[[[[images/iceCold.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lukeWarmWater.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/RedHotChiliPeppers.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/BowlOfWater.jpg]]]]] The water feels very warm to the touch of the colder hand and vice versa. When in the hot and cold bowls, your hands first resisted the danger with pain, then survived it easily with denial, which they took with them to the center bowl. It is imperative that we develop such automatic systems in the brain if we are to adapt to the environment enough to survive. Pain is essential for survival, yet destructive if suffered unnecessarily. Any form of pain must have a denial mechanism to defend it, if the pain mechanism itself is to survive. The subconscious human mind is composed of many such mechanisms all operating [[[noSoul|independently]]], each developed over the long course of evolution of the brain, and is separately guided by survival, just like any other organ or mental power in [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/denial|animals]]]. [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] 1
Science is very religious in its way. If there is a proof you must accept it or find a flaw in it. There are no other choices. As a scientist, if you were told 3 and 3 are 6 you can either believe it, or know its true. There are no other choices. The science religion commands that you can not believe something you know to be true. As far as you are concerned as a scientist, the words Know and Believe are simply contradictory. Either you believe it, or you know it to be true. Exclusive Or (XOR). There are no other choices. If one can show a proof of God no scientist would ever believe in God. There are many prominent scientists who do believe in God. There will not be a credible proof of God at least until credible scientists who believe in [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/god|God]]] are extinct. "I must premise, that I have nothing to do with the origin of the primary mental powers, any more than I have with that of life itself." - Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species, Instinct. [[[[[images/puffOfLogic.jpg]]]]] 1
Set under the microscope of the D. Postulate: It reproduces rapid enough, but with no slight variations. Separately, it can spring out of thin air, or likewise primitive conditions. If rust had slight variations it would become a new concept of an iron based life form that would rule the universe. Scientists have shown decades ago that amino acids can form on their own in the conditions present at the time our planet was forming. [[[DarwinCall/msdbSearchText/title/ego trip|Saying]]] that amino acids are almost life, only they can not [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/replication|reproduce]]], is like saying rust spots are almost life, only they can not [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/variation|vary]]]. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/Variation|Variation]]] The difference between rust and mildew is immense. [[[[[images/rust.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mildew.jpg]]]]] 1
Some are developing knowledge in brainwash technology that will make the man-made evolution-created telepathic-people from [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/asimov|Isaac Asimov]]]'s Foundation seem less magical. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/domestication|domestication]]] [[[[[images/HarrySeldon.jpg]]]]] 1
The D. Postulate claims: There is set of laws implied by logic, saying that given certain conditions of the environment, things must behave according to certain rules. To be precise, Charles Darwin looked at two separate examples. He called them: 1. Variations Under Domestication, and 2. Variations Under Nature. His conclusion he makes very clear: There are major differences that can be summarized as follows: Under domestication, improvement is of much higher pace, at the expense of much lesser quality. In broader D. Postulate perspective: The conditions of the environment, which Charles Darwin termed the Conditions Of Life, are playing a significant role in the pace and quality of the productions. [[[[[images/quadraticEquation.jpg]]]]] 1
The false axiom in all startups is: IT WILL SURVIVE. They hardly ever reach the first round of funding. Mankind started only 100,000 years ago. It is a startup, and like all evolution startups, it is [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/Death|unlikely to survive for too long]]]. [[[[[images/CheetahHuntingGazelle.jpg]]]]] 1
The grass at the neighbor's is always greener. Picking it betters the chances of spreading genes and migrating. [[[[[images/grass.jpg]]]]] 1
The single ancestor of all [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/computer|computer]]] [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/program|programs]]]. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/domestication|domestication]]] [[[[[images/lightSwitch.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/computer-memory-pyramid.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/computers.gif]]]]] 1
The Time Scale for Natural Selection to work is incompatible with the terms set by science for scientific experimentation, validation, and proof. The Theory of Evolution can not be accepted as a Proof of Evolution because science methodologies define scientific experiments and proof by means implying limits on the time available to conduct them. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/migrat|Migration]]] [[[[[images/darksideTime.jpg]]]]] 1
There is probably one single very effective tool, one that I find myself having a hard time defining, a tool that helps me correlate evolution logic with human psychology, and for which I have just found a name, by a cascading definition: 1. Brain Muscles - (metaphorically muscle-like) entities in the brain that perform brain activity. 2. Brain Muscle memory - much like muscle memory, portions of memory systems in the brain who's 'job' is like muscle memory, but with respect to 'brain muscles'. Brain muscle memory seems to be an effective analysis model for human subconscious behavior. By correlating to the behaviors of animals, it opens the opportunity for a large collection of [[[noSoul|knowledge]]], otherwise only dimly usable. Animal behavior is mostly subconscious, and its proximity to that of man is of high variance, while the universe of specimen is very large and is automatically classified into groups of low variance in this respect. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/migrat|Migration]]] [[[[[images/PavlovDog.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/bell.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Pavlov.gif]]]]] 1
Vocabulary is digital just like species are distinct. Consciousness and Sanity are just two different descendants of instinct. [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] 1
We are not stupid for having invented computers. Just for having thoughts that they will be like us one day. Amino Acids are not life. Neither is [[[DarwinCall/msdbCat/title/Rust|rust]]]. Nor are [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/computer|computers]]]. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/domestication|domestication]]] [[[[[images/dna.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/rust.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/computers.gif]]]]] 1
We have been collecting human knowledge for about 2 million years. In the last 100,000 years we were also human. Until just a short while back there was mostly Newton. Science has rules. There are exact definitions answering these questions: What is a scientific experiment? What is a scientific proof by experiment? Then came Albert Einstein and said the following: Postulate #1: The laws of physics are the same in all reference frames. In plain English this means that if you are on a moving train you can play ping pong inside as long as the windows are shut. In other words, everything is relative. Postulate #2: The speed of light through a vacuum (300,000,000 m/s or 186,000 mi/sec) is constant as observed by any observer, moving or stationary. In plain English, if you are on a train moving at half the speed of light, then the flashlight I'm pointing at you standing in the station will hit you just as fast. In other words, light is NOT relative, it is an absolute, and nothing can cross the speed of light. When Charles Darwin came, the knowledge environment was not ready to absorb his material as a Proof of Evolution. It still isn't. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/migrat|Migration]]] Science is still in a [[[DarwinCall/msdbCat/title/crib|crib]]]. [[[[[images/crib.jpg]]]]] 1
We take it for granted that apples fall down from trees, even though we are clueless as to why that happens, and so are the top scientists of our age. [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/gravity|Gravity]]] is a law of Nature, and a very basic one at that. We accept it, like we accept axioms in mathematics. Evolution is far too complex to be treated as an axiom or a law of Nature. One must understand evolution in order not to believe in it. We don't believe that apples fall down from trees, we just know they do. It is comforting to think that [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/newton|Newton]]] knew why. [[[[[images/G.jpg]]]]] 1
When a flock of birds starts occupying a tree, they employ a tactic of Uniform Distribution, spreading evenly, each maintaining the most territory at any given moment. When people enter a bus... The birds are not unfriendly either. They have just travelled half way through the planet together to arrive at this particular tree. From gradations of psychological paths, it is likely that Us and Them will behave in a manner in accordance with a psychological mechanism much more primitive that has been developed earlier in Evolution for the purpose of maintaining survival in crowded environments. Unless, that is, Evolution has found reason to change this habit in later productions. The fact that birds and humans behave the same in this manner, gives reason to believe, much like with any other organ or structure, that this particular behavior originated from an ancestor with this mental capability, sufficiently early in [[[etfk|Evolution]]] history, who is a common ancestor of both man and bird. This would be at least a reptile. It should not be surprsing to see such behaviour in much earlier forms, and might not be incidental that such behaviour is also that of chemical particles in gases and liquids. It is worth noting however, that Bear Necessities, such as flight organs, or climate oriented insulation, have been separately developed in many species, and only dedicated scrutiny of the exact mechanisms and other common grounds can tell us whether, for example, wings of the variuos species truly have a common ancestor. We know too little about our own [[[noSoul|psychology]]], let alone that of birds, to draw solid conclusions in this [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/behavior|respect]]]. [[[[[images/tree.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/bus.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/beehive.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/beehive2.jpg]]]]] 1
Words in the language are created in a Domesticated selection process. maybe an extinct ancestor of "I heard you" - is the parent form of "Yes", and also of "No". Knowledge advances bring new space for words to develop, just like when the rain comes more flowers can grow. Countless other changes in the environment always occur and invite new forms to come to existence. As words evolve and become better understood as distinct species, the [[[OnTheOriginOfSpecies/msdbSearchText/title/senses|vocabulary]]] of the language is digitized. When the chairs and the table were all rocks the same height, they didn't call them furniture. [[[etfk/msdbSearchText/story/domestication|domestication]]] [[[[[images/chaiselongue.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/StolzlChair.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/breuerChair.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/table.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/rock.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] 1