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11 - Geographical Distribution Greener Grass The grass at the neighbor's is always greener.
Picking it betters the chances of spreading genes and migrating.
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14 - Recapitulation and Conclusion Variations Under The D. Postulate claims:
There is set of laws implied by logic, saying that
given certain conditions of the environment,
things must behave according to certain rules.

To be precise, Charles Darwin looked at two separate examples.
He called them:
1. Variations Under Domestication, and
2. Variations Under Nature.
His conclusion he makes very clear:
There are major differences that can be summarized as follows:

Under domestication, improvement is of much higher pace,
at the expense of much lesser quality.

In broader D. Postulate perspective:
The conditions of the environment,
which Charles Darwin termed the Conditions Of Life,
are playing a significant role in the pace and quality of the productions.
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14 - Recapitulation and Conclusion Startups The false axiom in all startups is: IT WILL SURVIVE.
They hardly ever reach the first round of funding.
Mankind started only 100,000 years ago.
It is a startup, and like all evolution startups,
it is unlikely to survive for too long.
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14 - Recapitulation and Conclusion Theory VS Religion First we called it the Origin of Species.
Then we called it a theory, meaning a supposition,
or something to theorize about.
Then we slowly evolved towards theory,
meaning "system of ideas",
as in being theoretical as opposed to practical, as
something to study in school,
like the theory of bridge construction in engineering school.
Then, we said, "well, its probably true,
but its too complex to understand,
so lets just believe in it and be done with it."
We now have just another religion.
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