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06 - Difficulties in Theory Falacies? Everything in nature has a purpose.
Nature is perfect.
Many species are kind and symbiotic to one another.
Man has descended from the ape.


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06 - Difficulties in Theory Gravity We take it for granted that apples fall down from trees,
even though we are clueless as to why that happens,
and so are the top scientists of our age.
Gravity is a law of Nature, and a very basic one at that.
We accept it, like we accept axioms in mathematics.

Evolution is far too complex to be treated as an axiom
or a law of Nature.

One must understand evolution in order not to believe in it.
We don't believe that apples fall down from trees,
we just know they do.
It is comforting to think that Newton knew why.
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07 - Instinct The Gods Themselves Definitions of Gods:
A G. God is anything that we normally refer to when we say:
A God, or Gods.
Examples: Allah, Buddha, Zeus, Darwin.

A D. God - D. standing for Charles Darwin -
Anything we perceive to believe without need for faith.
Examples: Newton, Einstein, Aristotle, Heisenberg, Charles Darwin.
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07 - Instinct Conciousness and Sanity Vocabulary is digital just like species are distinct.
Consciousness and Sanity are just two different descendants of instinct.
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