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00 - Introduction Definition - take 1 A Darwin Call is that which the evolution based psychology
commands that one does while exercising limited control
over motivations and actions.

e.g. This woman is attractive.
The Matrix Pavlov
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Evolution Theory For Kids
Evolution Theory For Kids
00 - Introduction Definition - take 2 It is convenient to speak of Charles Darwin as a God
whenever such is commanded,
or of the commanded entity as
obeying a set of rules of a religion.

The type of command is termed a Darwin Call.

e.g. Thou art called upon to notice this woman.
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00 - Introduction Denial in a Bowl of Water Place three bowls of water on the table.
One with ice cold water, one with very warm water, one at room temperature, at the center.
Place hands at the end bowls for a while.
Then, immediately place both hands in the center bowl.
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The water feels very warm to the touch of the colder hand and vice versa.

When in the hot and cold bowls,
your hands first resisted the danger with pain,
then survived it easily with denial,
which they took with them to the center bowl.

It is imperative that we develop such automatic systems
in the brain if we are to adapt to the environment
enough to survive.

Pain is essential for survival, yet destructive if suffered unnecessarily.
Any form of pain must have a denial mechanism to defend it,
if the pain mechanism itself is to survive.

The subconscious human mind is composed of many
such mechanisms all operating independently,
each developed over the long course of evolution
of the brain, and is separately guided by survival,
just like any other organ or mental power in animals.
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00 - Introduction Emotion It is not incidental that humanity will instinctively refuse
to accept Evolution Theory, while it habitually accepts
on faith many other scientific facts.
Evolution does not make sense at all, emotionally.
Je Pense Donc Je Suis, and I find it hard to believe that
I am a product of some random variations of an ape.
The reason we have such strong emotions
about these things is that emotions have evolved slowly
along with the rest of the of the brain in the course of protecting mankind from harm,
in an infinitely dangerous process of surviving
to arrive at being human,
and end up having such complex emotions.
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