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DarwinCall - 42 Rows
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11 - Geographical Distribution Greener Grass The grass at the neighbor's is always greener.
Picking it betters the chances of spreading genes and migrating.
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14 - Recapitulation and Conclusion Proof of God Science is very religious in its way.
If there is a proof you must accept it
or find a flaw in it.
There are no other choices.

As a scientist, if you were told 3 and 3 are 6
you can either believe it, or know its true.
There are no other choices.

The science religion commands that
you can not believe something you know to be true.

As far as you are concerned as a scientist,
the words Know and Believe are simply contradictory.
Either you believe it, or you know it to be true.
Exclusive Or (XOR).
There are no other choices.

If one can show a proof of God
no scientist would ever believe in God.

There are many prominent scientists who do believe in God.

There will not be a credible proof of God at least
until credible scientists who believe in God are extinct.

"I must premise, that I have nothing to do with the
origin of the primary mental powers,
any more than I have with that of life itself." -
Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species, Instinct.
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14 - Recapitulation and Conclusion Startups The false axiom in all startups is: IT WILL SURVIVE.
They hardly ever reach the first round of funding.
Mankind started only 100,000 years ago.
It is a startup, and like all evolution startups,
it is unlikely to survive for too long.
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14 - Recapitulation and Conclusion The End Life on earth will probably exist for as long as
the sun or center of the earth provide energy.
It will probably end with the aid of Extra Terrestrial forces:
A meteor will hit, the sun will cool down while becoming too distant,
a black hole will swallow, or something else.

Mankind will have one day the power,
to shift the moon from its natural orbit.
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