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00 - Introduction Love If I could explain to you the logic of why I love her,
you will fall in love with her as soon as you
understand my explanation.

Emotions are by definition subconscious.
The explanation is there, but you might need to search
through near infinite ancestry to find it.

Whales, pigeons, and many other animals fall hopelessly
in love with their first and only sexual partner.
Scientifically, it is considered a well known fact,
the relevant chemistry in the brain is well understood,
and no further explanation is due.

Comparatively speaking, a catholic marriage is merely wishful.
Even the brain chemistry of motherly Love
is sometimes questionable in humans.
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00 - Introduction Motivation "In the distant future I see open fields for far more important researches.
Psychology will be based on a new foundation,
that of the necessary acquirement
of each mental power and capacity by gradation" - Charles Darwin

It is unfortunate at this point in time that this
foundation is already about 150 years old.
In terms of human knowledge acquisition pace,
this is a very long time.
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00 - Introduction The Tree and the Bus When a flock of birds starts occupying a tree,
they employ a tactic of Uniform Distribution,
spreading evenly, each maintaining the most territory
at any given moment.

When people enter a bus...

The birds are not unfriendly either.
They have just travelled half way through the planet
together to arrive at this particular tree.
From gradations of psychological paths,
it is likely that Us and Them will behave
in a manner in accordance with a psychological mechanism
much more primitive that has been developed earlier in Evolution
for the purpose of maintaining survival in crowded environments.
Unless, that is,
Evolution has found reason to change this habit in later productions.

The fact that birds and humans
behave the same in this manner,
gives reason to believe,
much like with any other organ or structure,
that this particular behavior originated from an
ancestor with this mental capability,
sufficiently early in Evolution history,
who is a common ancestor of both man and bird.
This would be at least a reptile.
It should not be surprsing to see such behaviour in much earlier forms, and might not be incidental that
such behaviour is also that of chemical particles
in gases and liquids.
It is worth noting however, that Bear Necessities,
such as flight organs, or climate oriented insulation,
have been separately developed in many species,
and only dedicated scrutiny
of the exact mechanisms and other common grounds
can tell us whether, for example,
wings of the variuos species truly have a common ancestor.
We know too little about our own psychology,
let alone that of birds,
to draw solid conclusions in this respect.
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01 - Variations Under Domestication At First We Invented the Wheel A while back, I tried to climb back up the tree.
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It was on a hill side, and trying to hold on to a steady branch,
it broke loose and I fell down.
Trying to get up I accidentally stepped on the broken branch.
Rolling downhill uncontrollably, I broke a leg.
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My friend, who was near and saw what happened,
rolled us down the short hill, using a slightly better branch.
Later, there was a road there, and they wheeled me into the ambulance.


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