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01 - Variations Under Domestication Attack of the Clones Charles Darwin goes to great length to explain why
Domesticated Selection works much faster than Natural Selection
and also creates monstrosities.
In short, the selection process is not guided by survival.
Rather, the selection is done by man.

Despite common misunderstanding, cloning merly means
the genes have a single origin, much like in asexual reproduction, so common in plants and lower life forms.
Mutations always occur, regardless,
and variations are guranteed to always exist.
One must first select what to clone.
If cloning becomes common, for man or animal,
standards for early abortions will also soon develop,
thereby falling in the laps of the D. Postulate.


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01 - Variations Under Domestication Computer Programs According to the D. Postulate, computer programs behave
like life with possibly one critical exception:

Their conditions of life,
which are the hardware machines that store them,
do not behave in accordance with the D. Postulate.

Its like earth being hit by a meteor every so often.


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01 - Variations Under Domestication Crib Mankind mostly does not know we are still in the crib.
Being with the capacity to rule the world
for a mere 100,000 years is not long in Evolution terms.


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01 - Variations Under Domestication Digital Languages Words in the language are created in a Domesticated selection process.
maybe an extinct ancestor of "I heard you" -
is the parent form of "Yes", and also of "No".

Knowledge advances bring new space for words to develop,
just like when the rain comes more flowers can grow.
Countless other changes in the environment always occur
and invite new forms to come to existence.

As words evolve and become better understood
as distinct species,
the vocabulary of the language is digitized.

When the chairs and the table were all rocks
the same height, they didn't call them furniture.


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