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06 - Difficulties in Theory Orangutan Charles Darwin explains why the high variability
of the hands of the Orangutan shows us that they are just
starting to form and are a new improvement in the process of

Science tells us that the evolution of man started about
2,000,000 years ago and is at a halt since 100,000 years ago.

Did our emotions and subconsciousness
have time enough to evolve to the perfection
Charles Darwin conditions as being:
As Good as Needed To Survive.


06 - Difficulties in Theory Time Scale The Time Scale for Natural Selection to work is incompatible with the terms
set by science for scientific experimentation, validation, and proof.

The Theory of Evolution can not be accepted as a Proof of Evolution because
science methodologies define scientific experiments and proof by means
implying limits on the time available to conduct them.


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07 - Instinct Conciousness and Sanity Vocabulary is digital just like species are distinct.
Consciousness and Sanity are just two different descendants of instinct.
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07 - Instinct Denial Nobody can lie nor tell the truth.
One can only diseminate information having certain goal(s)
possibly with varying degrees of self awareness.
We always hide from others - at least to a degree -
that which we hide from ourselves,
and we can never claim full awarness of
our actions or of the words we speak.
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