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07 - Instinct Fear Fear is the most primary emotion.
Fear of discovering we are in a crib.
Fear of anything non-newtonian.
Fear of Albert Einstein and his weird exploding Atoms.
Fear of Heisenberg, who has proven scientifically we can never know anything.
Fear of Darwin.
Fear Of God.
Fear there is no God.

The conscious mind fears the unknown for being the most dangerous.
Subconsciously - to a degree - it translates to the
fear of death which is the most unknown.
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07 - Instinct Human How human of you, how human are you really, well I am Only human.

1. An individual of a species called mankind.
Adjective: Having or showing that which is distinct
to being human, as opposed to animal or God.

The mixture of meaning of adjective and noun is dangerous.

We are human by noun, and to a degree by adjective.
The degree is highly variable.
This we know from the hands of the Orangutan.
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07 - Instinct Muscle Memory "In the distant future I see open fields for far more important researches.
Psychology will be based on a new foundation,
that of the necessary acquirement of each mental power
and capacity by gradation" - Charles Darwin

It is not incidental that birds know how to fly, but sometimes
need a shove off the nest, and that dear know how to walk
in just a few minutes, while babies take a year or so.
Yet, as adults, we have no clue what we do
when we walk.
It is well engraved in muscle memory
and we are no longer concious of anything but our desire,
being at point A, to arrive at point B.
We perform the task in a certain way,
subconciously expressing our individuality with
our body language.

The most important component in the human brain,
that which makes it so superior,
is that which is not there, and will be learned later.
Its the "Tabula Rasa" component of the brain.
For evolution, it is not really important for us to have lost the
walking genes. It is incidental in the gradations of the
evolutionary process of erasing instints and make space to
form an expanded Tabula Rasa component in the brain.

The lanaguage we speak is loaded with complex concepts
and the formation of concepts that drive our thuoghts,
as well as the formation of sentences as we speak,
must containe automatic, muscle memory like subsystems,
to allow us to converse without effort the more experience
we gain in conversing.

The process of selecting words and forming sentences
is subconcious, for the most part.

This means that almost every word we say is a Freudian slip,
and there is always more information coming out than
what we had intended.
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07 - Instinct The Gods Themselves Definitions of Gods:
A G. God is anything that we normally refer to when we say:
A God, or Gods.
Examples: Allah, Buddha, Zeus, Darwin.

A D. God - D. standing for Charles Darwin -
Anything we perceive to believe without need for faith.
Examples: Newton, Einstein, Aristotle, Heisenberg, Charles Darwin.
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