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01 - Variations Under Domestication Crib Mankind mostly does not know we are still in the crib.
Being with the capacity to rule the world
for a mere 100,000 years is not long in Evolution terms.


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06 - Difficulties in Theory Crib We have been collecting human knowledge for about
2 million years.
In the last 100,000 years we were also human.
Until just a short while back there was mostly Newton.
Science has rules.
There are exact definitions answering these questions:
What is a scientific experiment?
What is a scientific proof by experiment?

Then came Albert Einstein and said the following:
Postulate #1: The laws of physics are the same in all reference frames.
In plain English this means that if you are on a moving train
you can play ping pong inside as long as the windows are shut.
In other words, everything is relative.
Postulate #2: The speed of light through a vacuum
(300,000,000 m/s or 186,000 mi/sec)
is constant as observed by any observer,
moving or stationary.
In plain English, if you are on a train moving at
half the speed of light,
then the flashlight I'm pointing at you standing in the station will hit you just as fast.
In other words, light is NOT relative, it is an absolute,
and nothing can cross the speed of light.

When Charles Darwin came,
the knowledge environment was not ready to absorb
his material as a Proof of Evolution.

It still isn't.


Science is still in a crib.
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