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5700 Tales Valium Giving Ritual Most peculiar, at the onset of
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome anger lash-outs,
long before diagnosis,
I would often express anger in response to her howling
and sporadic uncontrolled recklessness.
The term 'La Hedder' was coined, as a command from me,
in a clear and loud commanding voice.
It means 'To the Room', (in Hebrew).
Within just a few weeks she started obeying accurately,
once in the room, darkened and locked,
she would relax or sufficiently be (later) controllable.

To this day, I can always put a Feline Hyperesthesia
Syndrome episode on suspense for quite a few seconds
by simply expressing a lot of anger towards her.
It is always at the expense of the severity
increasing shortly thereafter.
If she is already at a level of severity 2.5mg
(this scale is well define, see below).
I might not be able to approach her at all.
I first go over close the bedroom door while she is outside.
This is important because in the bedroom there is
one place deliberately designed for her to be able
to be without my being able to get to her.
During most ordinary Valium servings,
the ritual goes like this:
I notice something that will make me start preparing
the pill. This involves breaking a pill to the right quantity,
or taking a pill out of a blister, or just picking up a left over,
from a specific cup standing by the refrigerator.
The the refrigerator opens so that the chilled canned
food can be taken and wrapped around it.
By then, she can know I am about to give her a pill
even if she is loudly screaming in the distant porch, just by
the sound sequence of this repeating ritual,
and from her own mental state.
There is still the split second event of discovering this
event is imminent, at which point she will immediately
run the the bedroom in a jerk, halting there, in a position
still accessible by me, as if inviting, but safely close
to her private hideout.
Knowing all that is about to transpire I indifferently
walk over to the room to administer it, without any rush.
As soon as I cross over the well prescribed imaginary
line of territorial space she makes a leap into her safe hideout, under the bed.
It is a heavy waterbed, and the hideout is just a passage
between the base of the head of the bed and the wall
behind it.
It is open on either side.
I get to sit on my usual side, by the bed table, and put the
carefully rolled food ball in a well known plate
just by the opening of the passage.
Her psychology, as perceived through my human filters,
comes to play:
I can stay here, and remain stationary and dancing inside
with tension, I don't even have enough room to jump at my tail.
I can leave the other end, neglecting any hope for attention that will calm me down.
I can walk out, but what will he say if I ignore the pill.
I can take the pill, and then he will let me do what I want
and I can leap over on the bed next to him with joy
and he will pet me.

The choices are hard, and the episode is
pressing, increasing in strength
with every minute that goes by.

The distribution of her selections is changing slowly over time.
For the first six months or so, she would always take
the pill by herself.
So much did I get used to it, that when it started not to work
so well, I used to sit for 30 minutes to an hour at a time,
staring at her, until she would volunteer to eat it.

It is 4/8/06 at the time of writing this,
(despite the title date):
She hardly voluntarily eats the pill any longer,
and I only give her the option in mild stages
where increase in condition is not obvious.
Most of the time, she would take about 2-3 minutes to walk out past the pill, sit tensely close to me, and be alert.
If I try to approach her with the wrong timing,
she would be back in the passage before I finish
phrasing the intent in my head.
I must be patient and alert, a mood change of hers for just
a few seconds of calmness is all I need.
I approach her, she stays stationary and lets me,
face expression consenting to the imminent pill event.
5 seconds later it is all over.
As a bonus, I let her stay on the bed right behind,
even though 9 out of ten, this is when she would mange
to sneak in one more
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
tail jump before the Valium actually kicks in.

In more severe cases, none of this would work,
she can stay in the passage for hours, always
being outside, sometimes close enough to touch,
but never letting me take her, point at the passage
just to tell me not to try anything.
Knowing the severity in advance, the tactic is simply different:
1. prepare the pill.
2. be patient.
there are many 5-10 seconds breaks during this level
of severity in the episode, she be be self-restraining -
not noticing me much, or encountering anew distraction,
or stopping to care about the Fanta bottle she had just downed in the Fanta video.
If I am close enough to approach her then,
we are all set. Once in my hands,
she will do her best not to her me from ordinary habit,
I guess it requires much more concentration at this stage to just keep the nails out of harms way (to me),
a youth long habit she observed
religiously before the onset of
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome.

Most sever, I am about to give her 5mg,
she is totally unapproachable:

1. I go the the bedroom and close one side of the passage with the first blanket.
One side closed, she will hardly ever insist on staying there.
If she does, I close the other side anyway.
If we are lucky,
she will fall asleep there and the episode is over.
But I must check every 5 minutes because I can not hear her
like this.
Just like Heisenberg, doing so might interrupt a calm down
that would otherwise be successful.

In any case, she would walk out at some point, and I would
close the other side.
At this point the bedroom is the best place for
her not to be able to hid at all.
I close it if she is still there.
If she is not, I get to start yelling at her frantically
to go to the room.
She can barely hear me, being busy herself
yelling at herself, with a much louder voice,
while also jumping frantically around as she does.
She still obeys. In the room, she sticks to some corner.
I still have to catch a split second of relative calmness
to get her to be in my hands.
To date, there was never a case where she did not receive
a pill due to my inability to succeed in administering it.
6100 Tales Bizarre Ever since the move to the new apartment,
Nekko never has an episode when I am not at home.

This bizarre statement I can prove way beyond reasonable doubt.

2007: this is evidence supporting the hereditaribilty of FHS.
Episodes do not sprout in a non-safe environment, as perceived. Rather, over alerness to danger takes place
with patience, until the minor irritation perceived as danger is gone.
Then, the episode will start.
She will even restrain herself from getting episodes while I am asleep, only to nag me to death for attention as soon as I wake up,
punishing me for lack of obedience by attacking to her tail.
6200 Tales Guest Shock The thing which is scaring the guest to a point of shock
is the fact that the equipment with which I am petting
his fresh wounds was readily available on the living room table.
6300 Tales Fleas Nekko was diagnosed as allergic to fleas
when she was about one year old.

She had managed to chew on much of her skin
causing major skin irritations and minor wounds
all over her body, before it was discovered it was
due to a few fleas left un-noticed by me.
6300 Tales Period When she was about two months old,
and we already knew the nightmares of bringing
her to the veterinarian,
she started acting strange,
as if she was getting her period.

Being so small, I asked the veterinarian to come
over and have a look:

"So what do You think it is?", he said.
"Well, if it weren't for her being so small and all,
I'd say she's getting her first period"
"This is so"
"So what do we do"
"Neuter her"
"Go ahead"
"I can't. We first have to wait two months
until something grows that I can take out"

We did.
6350 Tales Toilet Paper While quiet a few cats like this toy,
and use it to mess the place up,
Nekko will only do so during
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episodes,
thought it was also a favored game,
in pre Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome times.
6400 Tales Not at Home In the beginning of 2006, Nekko and I moved to a new

The period surrounding the move was packed
of stressful event, with many severe and frequent
episodes of Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome.

A week after the move, Nekko suddenly calmed down.

Several weeks later, new events took place that trigger
new episodes.
The new episodes are generally much lower in severity
and frequency,
except that highest severity episodes are even higher
in severity, even though they are rare.
Since that time, Nekko would never have an episode
when I enter the apartment, having been out.
Over time, as I became more alert to this fact,
it slowly also became clearer from the looks of
the place when I return, that no episode had occurred
while I was away.
I gradually felt more comfortable leaving the place
for longer periods of time.

Still, no episodes when I am not in.
6500 Tales Back Home It seems almost as if,
if I were to now move to a new place,
leaving Nekko, with the same surroundings,
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome would be totally gone.

Not a very flattering observation to absorb.

Moreover, she will almost always
bring about an episode, in the hour following my return,
if I had been away for more than a few hours,
level of episode obviously correlated to the total time
I have been away.

During the half an hour to an hour upon my return,
having been away sufficiently long,
a repetitive ritual takes place:

At first, Nekko is calm, usually asleep, and
becomes awake with my presence.
She would then be upset with me,
angry that I neglected her for that long.
We would play like this together, if I am not
too busy, she would bite me a bit, slap me a bit,
nail-less, as she always does over-cautiously,
outside of Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episodes.
In the course she might ask for me to serve her some
canned food. When I was away she could only get to the
dry food.
Then I would usually start with non-Nekko things,
usually sitting by the computer or building some home thing.
It is during this stage that she would often be on her own,
developing an Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode.
6600 Tales Food and Glass Nekko's non-FHS asking for food ritual is self trained
from early youth, clearly indicating extreme politeness
and sensitivity.
She would wait patiently until I get to walk into the kitchen
and then let out two very gentle meow tones, with their
very specific notes, and halt.
In a year or so she became a little less polite:
if I were to ignore her, she would actually walk over
to me and gently byte me on the foot.
In another 6 months she started also
biting my leg through the jeans, gently,
(never if it is bare), much like when she used to keep
her claws fully retracted on my bear skin,
even if it means, as it often would,
falling straight down all the way to the floor,
having just noticed that the shoulder she had jumped
to sit on just now, is completely bear,
being claw-less, it feels glassy.

Nekko is not claw-less,
nor does she ever need to ask for food.

The asking for food ritual is an attention-getter mostly,
asking for the canned food.
There is always a large quantity of dry food in a separate dish.
The amount of food that needs to be there before
she asks for a refill has also gradually risen
from about 20% when she was young to a near
impossible 80% or so nowadays.
The food reserves must be higher
when one is less confident.
She also knows how to ask for dry food in a separate ritual.
It is a ridiculous stand off, especially lately, where I almost
have no room in the dish to add any food to.
After adding a few bits, she confirms she was asking
by immediately starting to eat from it.
sometimes I would throw away and clean the dish,
always after she had asked for food.
She seems to enjoy watching me with patience rather
than nagging me for the actual food.
This has been going on long before
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome symptoms started.

The accuracy with which she performs these
personal ordinary-cat rituals,
or lack thereof rather,
tells me about an upcoming episode at a very early stage.
This would be the right time to ask for confirmation
by watching her intensely trying to see rolling skin,
if I do I would give her a bit of Valium.