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6300 Tales Fleas Nekko was diagnosed as allergic to fleas
when she was about one year old.

She had managed to chew on much of her skin
causing major skin irritations and minor wounds
all over her body, before it was discovered it was
due to a few fleas left un-noticed by me.
6300 Tales Period When she was about two months old,
and we already knew the nightmares of bringing
her to the veterinarian,
she started acting strange,
as if she was getting her period.

Being so small, I asked the veterinarian to come
over and have a look:

"So what do You think it is?", he said.
"Well, if it weren't for her being so small and all,
I'd say she's getting her first period"
"This is so"
"So what do we do"
"Neuter her"
"Go ahead"
"I can't. We first have to wait two months
until something grows that I can take out"

We did.
6350 Tales Toilet Paper While quiet a few cats like this toy,
and use it to mess the place up,
Nekko will only do so during
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episodes,
thought it was also a favored game,
in pre Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome times.
6400 Tales Not at Home In the beginning of 2006, Nekko and I moved to a new

The period surrounding the move was packed
of stressful event, with many severe and frequent
episodes of Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome.

A week after the move, Nekko suddenly calmed down.

Several weeks later, new events took place that trigger
new episodes.
The new episodes are generally much lower in severity
and frequency,
except that highest severity episodes are even higher
in severity, even though they are rare.
Since that time, Nekko would never have an episode
when I enter the apartment, having been out.
Over time, as I became more alert to this fact,
it slowly also became clearer from the looks of
the place when I return, that no episode had occurred
while I was away.
I gradually felt more comfortable leaving the place
for longer periods of time.

Still, no episodes when I am not in.