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200 Video Comments The Videos Videos were taken mostly during a period of two weeks
where she was not given any Valiums, and I did not give
any support for her distress, so that I can obtain better videos.

At other times, when she is treated with Valium, she never
has episodes that develop to any meaningful extent.

It is important to note that my safety measures are based on
a long experience with Nekko, and I was comfortable at all times
that the severity of an episode is not truly harmful,
nor dangerous to me, within at least about 15 minutes.
Enough time to have Valium working if I decide
to halt the episode.

The camera is a Logitec Quickcam computer camera mounted on a long stick for aiming.
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210 Video Comments Quick Single Jump On 15mg After a long episode where I was partly asleep and partly
messing around with non-working video equipment
having already fed her 15mg,
the last 5 mg some 10 minutes earlier,
she is still very upset and is caught in the last of the jumps
for this episode.
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Here is yet another single jump, and one or two more...
220 Video Comments grooming Anger - Tail IsThe Enemy Notice how she grooms her forelegs on the FRONT side,
which is relatively reliable sign of an evolving
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode.
Normaly, like other cats, when groominng, the front legs are licked on the bottom side, for later grooming the body.

In this case, the fact that Nekko is at all sitting at that
location in that position also tells me I had better
point and shoot quickly.

At first she is upset, as if she were just a cat.

Suddenly noticing the surprisingly close and dangerous
Thing - her own tail, that is - wagging, she attacks it.

I think she suffers great instantaneous short lived pain
that is triggering the actual tail-jump.
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230 Video Comments Sign and Attack The recording is live, unedited.
I speak Hebrew and can tell about the imminent tail-jump
from the way she is grooming herself.
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