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240 Video Comments Should I Groom or Attack A Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode
has very distinct identifiable stages
indicating the increase in severity level.
Judging ongoing severity is important because:
1. Episodes vary in length, Longer episodes
might evolve slower.
2. Episodes can terminate at any stage without fully
evolving, with or without the aid of Valium.
It is important for the immediate judgment call regarding the
next dose of Valium.
The grooming stage, comes as the last non-aggressive stage.
During the tail-jumping stage, she hardly grooms, if at all.
This video shows the transition period between the stages.
She has a dilemma which seems almost funny:
Do I like myself and groom, or do I hate myself and attack.
She tries both in turn, and misses on both counts.
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260 Video Comments Fanta In a rare short calm-break from an episode,
she steps on the living room table, with the confidence she
would normally not have during episodes,
calmly walking past the Fanta bottle and approaching me.

She makes a calm pose of near yawning, but the tail tells all.

She suddenly jumps at the tail.

Her body spins around, and she hits the Fanta bottle.

The interesting part follows:

Having been thrown off the Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
episode for just a few seconds, from the surprise of having
knocked the bottle down, she approaches it with care,
until she notices it is an inanimated object.

Only then, the tail can start wagging again,
and on she goes with the
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode.

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270 Video Comments Attacking Hind Legs In the first stage involving self attacking
she would only attack her tail and miss most of the time.
In next stage, she will lay down angry.
From this position it has a better chance of staying close
to where it was when she started the jump and she would
miss it less often.
Attacking the legs is a more severe stage.

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300 Video Comments you're Not Fooling Anyone In this video, during a Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
episode and immediately after a short series
of self-attacks, and while she is still quite upset,
I hurry to try and provoke her with the camera,
and she does attack it several times, at first!

some intro on events today:
After she started with few
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome symptoms,
I decided to completely refuse her demand for
attention which are typical at that stage.
Sometimes this would calm her down,
Today, I didn't want her to calm down,
so I have enough events for taping videos.
I carefully point the camera (mounted on a long stick),
while watching the computer screen so she notices
as little as possible that I am even with her,
and pretend being busy with the computer while the
camera stick lies on my shoulder
pointing backwards towards Nekko.

At this point, I approach her for the first time tonight,
pretending to be enemy-like and aggressive.
(This actually did prove more successful later tonight
in the broom video).
At first she is attacking the camera as she is still upset
with the episode still in motion.
Very quickly my newly discovered attention,
as if reassures her that I am still around,
and she begins to ignore the nagging camera and her face
quiets down to an expression of total calmness.

I give up, and the broom incident occurs a while later.
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