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310 Video Comments Attacking Broom on 5mg It is with great pain that I shot this one:

This video was taken last tonight.
After the previous video, I decided
that its getting a bit hairy, and gave
5mg of Valium, as a 'bonus' for
success in making the video.
I promised this to myself before
this entire session.

Nevertheless, some 20 minutes, after,
when the 5mg would have normally been quite effective,
she began a new self-attack series.
While I was re-rearranging the video equipment,
she calmed down sufficiently,
and seemed to start quieting down.

I decided to try the broom.

I last used a broom before Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
was diagnosed:
In the period of the onset of Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome,
before Valium treatment, episodes were very severe
Her then favorite Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
episode spot was the top of a very high shelving system.
She was way too dangerous to approach during those times.
I used to use the broom trying to chase her off
so that she will go the bedroom, where she can be
alone in a darkened room.
(This would wear down the episode quicker - small dark enclosed space).

The broom then proved to be viewed as a major enemy during
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episodes.
Outside of Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episodes,
the broom would be just another toy for us to play with together.
To this day, [written 3/2006], Nekko is very youthful and playful when not developing
a Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode
nor winding down from it on Valiums.
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320 Video Comments Hissing at the Tail on 6.25mg The hissing vocally like cats do when they are scared
trying to scare the enemy off, only appears
in later stages of an episode after many attacks
have proven unhelpful in stopping the enemy tail from

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330 Video Comments eating hind leg The file eating hind leg-800kbps
is a large download of the same video with higher quality

In this video Nekko is literally chewing on her left hind foot.

She is stretching the foot nails apart with control not normally
seen during Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episodes,
and is selectively chewing on 2 "fingers".

It takes some watching to verify that its her leg (not her tail)
and that she is actually chewing on it with her teeth
the whole time (not licking nor grooming).

For a record mostly for my recollection:
I was about one meter away and watching
her intensely the whole time
It was 2 hours of shooting altogether while on the phone
with Reggy and on the computer at the same time.
The above is what I saw very precisely,
not an analysis of the video.
This has not occurred throughout the period
she was treated with Valium.
Beforehand, it was not observed, but in veterinary inspection
wounds were found between the nail of a hind leg (I forget which one).

Strangly, I never saw Nekko excercising this ritual
with the left leg. Always the right.
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360 Video Comments Just Air Jumps With Little Screaming Becoming airborne usually occurs
after the first few tail attacks.
It is an early sign, as far as the aggressive parts go.
Later, she would no better how to catch it rather than miss,
which is always the case when airborne.

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