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370 Video Comments Erect Tail An erect tale is a very early non aggressive stage.
I will need to be watchful to see if it doesn't calm down
on its own or I would have to give her some Valium.
It is safer to give her a small quantity of Valium sooner.
If I wait and it develops, more Valium will be required if administered later.
Since this is during the Video period I just give her her
favored canned food.

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380 Video Comments Audio Only Being in the other room, I hadn't noticed
she was no longer in front of the camera.
She was vocal enough.
if you correlate the voices with other videos,
you can tell exactly when she is jumping at her tail.
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390 Video Comments Erect Tail Erect tale is a common pre-sign stage,
but is hard to catch on tape
mostly because it is an early stage, not accompanied
by vocalizing just yet, so I can't hear-and-follow.
I have to see it and have the camera ready and near.
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400 Video Comments A Longer Catch As things grow tenser, she hisses at her tail more,
and more vocally.
When she is that upset, it is dangerous to come near.
Still, Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episodes always
have short calm breaks,
and if things get that severe, I would be very patiently
watching her with long persistence, holding the roll
of canned food in my hand or down on the floor on a small
tray, right by where I sit on the floor to watch her patiently.
When I catch a few seconds of calm, I would approach her.
If she lets me take her,
she would stay calm and not attack me.
She would express mild resistance when I shove the pill
down her throat, like cats do when they are gentle with
their owners.
However, I can tell, she is very tensely restraining,
for my sake, as she is well trained to know that
I will not give up until she has swallowed it.
Immediately after she did, she would jump very aggressively
out of my lap, with force, control and agility showing
I would never have a chance if she didn't want me to,
and splits seconds later, when out of my hands, about
one safe meter away, she would already jump at her tail,
totally out of control.
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