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6500 Tales Back Home It seems almost as if,
if I were to now move to a new place,
leaving Nekko, with the same surroundings,
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome would be totally gone.

Not a very flattering observation to absorb.

Moreover, she will almost always
bring about an episode, in the hour following my return,
if I had been away for more than a few hours,
level of episode obviously correlated to the total time
I have been away.

During the half an hour to an hour upon my return,
having been away sufficiently long,
a repetitive ritual takes place:

At first, Nekko is calm, usually asleep, and
becomes awake with my presence.
She would then be upset with me,
angry that I neglected her for that long.
We would play like this together, if I am not
too busy, she would bite me a bit, slap me a bit,
nail-less, as she always does over-cautiously,
outside of Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episodes.
In the course she might ask for me to serve her some
canned food. When I was away she could only get to the
dry food.
Then I would usually start with non-Nekko things,
usually sitting by the computer or building some home thing.
It is during this stage that she would often be on her own,
developing an Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode.