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2520 Symptoms Biting Heads There used to be her favored seat,
where if a guest would sit there they would
almost automatically become a target
for head biting, given enough time.

Except for Tally, who live in the house
and she was frinds with and comfortable,
and would also be subject to head biting on the sofa.
Then there was me, who would simply not allow it
as the Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode
stage is so immature, that ordinary
owner-cat communication can take place
with her cooperation.

At first there is the watchful intent.
Then she starts chewing at the hair,
with mild I-wanna-throw-up-like obsession,
like cats do when they chew on grass.
Next, a small nibble at the head,
as if testing the grounds.
The a gradual and slow increase in the strength
and frequency of the biting.
If I were fast asleep, I would be awake by then,
letting my wake up laziness yield to her
until it feels un-educational to let her continue.

With other guests, they would have to be yielding to get
to this point, and I would have to be away or distracted
to let things go this far.

At this point I will surely chase her off,
which is easy to do at this stage.

When chased off, most often she would run wild,
as if I am very scary, and might disappear in the other
room in a split second, thereby marking the next stage
in the episode.
If I follow quickly to close the door and leave her
in near silent darkness, I might prevent the episode
and she would relax there.
More often than not, a full blown
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
episode will follow in 15 to 30 minutes.