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Export to Excel select * from Nekko where title = 'Calm Tactics' order by ordinal ( Row)
4200 Tactics Calm Tactics 1. best is Valium. The earlier in the attack I catch it, the less the dosage.

2. Pet her vigorously on the neck, thereby feeling her anger
dissolving into pleasure. This might take an hour or even two.
and may fail some of the time.
If successful, the first sign is that she would bite me semi
aggressively if I stop petting her.
The next sign is that she would move away towards one of her favorite
suckling OCD objects and continue calming herself down on her own
in this way, and later fall asleep.
She might fail during this phase, resulting in a re-growing
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode.

3. Lock her in a small dark room with no distractions and noise.
I discovered this one by chance when she attacked Shira
mildly during a Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode
a long time before Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome was diagnosed.
I thought I was punishing her and locked in the toilet room.
A very small room.
After about five minutes I felt guilty, also I was alert to the fact
she was not making any noises wanted to get out and was worried.
I opened the door to find her lying calmly on the minute carpet
surrounding the toilet seat.
I left the door open, she was so quit, exhausted from the attack and a sleep,
she would come out until much later, just sleeping there.