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1500 Chronology Chronology Nekko was born on or around December of 2000.
I picked her up from the street.
Nekko and I lived alone, mostly, until April 2002.

April 2002: Tally, age 40, and Shira, age 10, move in.

June 2002: Mishmish, their cat, moves in.

July 2002: Mishmish is transferred out of the apartment.
Reason: Nekko's suffering from his abuse is intolerable.

August 2002 - December 2004:
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
symptoms are evolving slowly and gradually
to extreme.

During 2004, she was impossible to control,
with anger episodes scaring and dangerous to all three of us.
I was using a water sprayer to try to calm her down for a while,
a trick I learned from her vet.
This worked for a while, but later start just contributing to her anger
and severity of episodes.

During summer of 2004, desperate with thoughts
of putting her to sleep, while consulting with her vet,
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome is finally diagnosed
in November, in the form of a gentle approval
for me to have her put to sleep.

December 2004: After several trials, it is discovered that
Valium works for her.

January 2005: Me and Tally are hesitant whether I can disappear abroad
for 10 days, and Tally is coached on giving Nekko Valiums.
Tally and Nekko are bonding, we agree it is safe for me to go.
By the time I return, the bond is strong, and Tally and I both
treat Nekko as needed, whenever an episode sprouts.

Shira is frequently playing drums in the living room,
with my encouragement, adjacent to Nekko being monitored,
and Valium quantities increasing.
Separately, events are taking place which cause much
stress and the upcoming separation of Nekko and myself
from Tally and Shira to live in different homes.
At the peak, she received Seven 5mg pills - totaling 35mg -
in the course of about 5 hours of a very serious
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode.

October 2005 - January 2006
Nekko and I remain in the same apartment after separation.
She is on average on 10mg a day, with a very gradual
decline with high variance.

A detailed log of exact Valium dosage and times given
starts on December 28th 2005.

January 2006:
Nekko and I move from Tel Aviv to Netanya.
The two weeks surrounding the move were worst.
She was again on 10mg on average with 2 peak days
at 25mg each.

February 2nd 2006:
After two weeks in the new apartment she suddenly
calmed down almost completely.
Almost no Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
episodes were observed,
and no Valium was given for 3 weeks.
The dosage log book becomes a detailed diary or
Valium-less episode descriptions.

February 18, 2006: A singular semi severe
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode occurs,
not reaching self mutilation.
I let it go without any medication.

March 2006:
Starting with the presence of a woman in the apartment in February,
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episodes are beginning
to increase in frequency and severity,
with high correlation obvious.

Late March:

In an attempt to document on Video
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episodes,
I stop giving her Valiums.
She gradually builds up anger and episodes in increasing severity.
The following week I manage to catch quite a few symptoms on tape.
As episodes increase to the severity of before diagnosis,
I start getting really scared for both of us and decide to start
giving her Valiums again as needed.

The frequency and severity of episodes past this period are much higher
with a slow and gradual decline.

March 2007 - overall valume for the month reaches 290mg,
while a new treatment is discovered to work in tandem:
Similar to Holding for kids with ADHD, I can restrain episodes
with my presence.
Over time, our comunication grows as I am geting used to
holding her tight while she has episodes,
feeling the tiny internal muscle contraction,
signifying an immediately following
knee jerk reaction on her part,
requiring my resonse restraining her action,
and so my anticipation is imporotant.
All the while I am holding her quiter gently, while caressing her, only to be firm at the split seconds when it is required.
Major episode, or long episodes which are overtiring for me,
still demand some valium.
By August 2007 she took 70mg. (for the month of august).
As compared with April, where in a single episode she took
a total of 50mg over the course of some 12 hours.
At the exteme, I might enclose us both in the bedroom
if I don't feel safe enough to actually Hold her just yet.
With degree absolute - so I knick named this - she is under dedicated
and close supervision. Any little sign she makes to denote
escalation will be responded immediately with my voice
saying one thing or another, therby distracting her from
her anger for her tail.
She seems to understand my desire for her not to attack
herself, making her restrain herself better,
and the reminding voice, occuring at just the right moment,
amplifies this effect and helps her exercise better self control.