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2100 Symptoms Dolphin Tail This one is a strictly Nekko symptom.
I have not seen this with any cat under any circumstances,
nor did I see any description of FHS symptoms
resembling this on the internet.

A symptom, however, is first and foremost identified by its timing in relation to the developing FHS episode.

So for example, if in the end it turns out the an episode
was obvious from 3pm to 4pm, then any event in her behaviour
that can be seen only to occur in the 15 minutes previous,
and likewise with some other episodes, but never otherwise,
then I call it a symptom,
and the episode had truly started at least that early.

Over time, the identification of very small signs of symptoms
give much advance warning, in time to prevent the more
violent stages.

As it turns out, Dolpin Tail is the only symptom
I have not found anything on the net to correlate with.

It goes like this:
During the erect tale stage, the tail would wag sideways,
in a wave from the base to the tip at the top,
reminicent of the tail motion of a dolphin,
(when holding his body mostly in the air outside of the water).
So I nick named it Dolphin Tale.
It is rare, but over time sufficiently frequent.

Catching it on camera is another story.
There is no video, just these shots.
Note how the camera only blurs moving parts.

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