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Export to Excel select * from Nekko where title = 'Erect Tail' order by ordinal ( Row)
370 Video Comments Erect Tail An erect tale is a very early non aggressive stage.
I will need to be watchful to see if it doesn't calm down
on its own or I would have to give her some Valium.
It is safer to give her a small quantity of Valium sooner.
If I wait and it develops, more Valium will be required if administered later.
Since this is during the Video period I just give her her
favored canned food.

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390 Video Comments Erect Tail Erect tale is a common pre-sign stage,
but is hard to catch on tape
mostly because it is an early stage, not accompanied
by vocalizing just yet, so I can't hear-and-follow.
I have to see it and have the camera ready and near.
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