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6600 Tales Food and Glass Nekko's non-FHS asking for food ritual is self trained
from early youth, clearly indicating extreme politeness
and sensitivity.
She would wait patiently until I get to walk into the kitchen
and then let out two very gentle meow tones, with their
very specific notes, and halt.
In a year or so she became a little less polite:
if I were to ignore her, she would actually walk over
to me and gently byte me on the foot.
In another 6 months she started also
biting my leg through the jeans, gently,
(never if it is bare), much like when she used to keep
her claws fully retracted on my bear skin,
even if it means, as it often would,
falling straight down all the way to the floor,
having just noticed that the shoulder she had jumped
to sit on just now, is completely bear,
being claw-less, it feels glassy.

Nekko is not claw-less,
nor does she ever need to ask for food.

The asking for food ritual is an attention-getter mostly,
asking for the canned food.
There is always a large quantity of dry food in a separate dish.
The amount of food that needs to be there before
she asks for a refill has also gradually risen
from about 20% when she was young to a near
impossible 80% or so nowadays.
The food reserves must be higher
when one is less confident.
She also knows how to ask for dry food in a separate ritual.
It is a ridiculous stand off, especially lately, where I almost
have no room in the dish to add any food to.
After adding a few bits, she confirms she was asking
by immediately starting to eat from it.
sometimes I would throw away and clean the dish,
always after she had asked for food.
She seems to enjoy watching me with patience rather
than nagging me for the actual food.
This has been going on long before
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome symptoms started.

The accuracy with which she performs these
personal ordinary-cat rituals,
or lack thereof rather,
tells me about an upcoming episode at a very early stage.
This would be the right time to ask for confirmation
by watching her intensely trying to see rolling skin,
if I do I would give her a bit of Valium.