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Export to Excel select * from Nekko where title = 'Should I Groom or Attack' order by ordinal ( Row)
240 Video Comments Should I Groom or Attack A Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode
has very distinct identifiable stages
indicating the increase in severity level.
Judging ongoing severity is important because:
1. Episodes vary in length, Longer episodes
might evolve slower.
2. Episodes can terminate at any stage without fully
evolving, with or without the aid of Valium.
It is important for the immediate judgment call regarding the
next dose of Valium.
The grooming stage, comes as the last non-aggressive stage.
During the tail-jumping stage, she hardly grooms, if at all.
This video shows the transition period between the stages.
She has a dilemma which seems almost funny:
Do I like myself and groom, or do I hate myself and attack.
She tries both in turn, and misses on both counts.
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