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4050 Tactics Tactic Tactics It is important that tactics are monitored, refined
and improved over time.
The most important unreliable tactic consideration
is my power of observation:
The ability to predict the upcoming 20 or so minutes.
I am wrong more often than not, making sure I am always
wrong to the direction of having given less Valium
rather than more.
The correction is giving more Valium later,
usually at the expense of a bigger quantity overall.
This is just a safety measure for my mistake and can not
in any significant degree improve my powers of observation
even after extended experience with many very
similar episodes.
This is mostly because episodes vary in Nekko's
violent behavior in several orthogonal ways:
1. The time elapsed from the onset of the episode.
2. The overall severity.
3. The quantities of Valium given,
and the precise time given,
with respect to the then current severity.

What I do is take a less scientific route:

I describe in the Diary, to minute detail the context
of two important center of focus thoughts:
1. The exact external details that affect my judgment.
2. What my judgment is, at the time occurring,
especially focusing on predictions.
(i.e. I believe this is an episode that 1.25 will
suffice to suffocate,
if I give it right now, because of so and so)

It is also crucial in this method that no
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
event is to transpire, without having
something written on it in the Diary,
with exact times and detail as much as practical.
The valiumLogBook at least details exact times
and quantities given, from which I can deduce
the events, correlating with other experiences.

With no Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome activity shortly after,
the next log will be long after,
since I never write except during episodes.
This means she was calm, and I can compare
with the written environment and my predictions.

If more events occurred shortly after, they will be logged.
In any case the information is 'covered'.