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Export to Excel select * from Nekko where title = 'Trigger Samples' order by ordinal ( Row)
4700 Triggers Trigger Samples 1. Anything that would excite any normal healthy kitten:
e.g. A fly crossing the room, starting a game with one
of her toys, a piece of paper driven by the wind.

2. likewise, but exaggerated:
e.g. the smoke of a cigarette.
The shadow of cigarette smoke on the wall.
dust moving with wind on the floor.

3. More of the same, but negative and paranoid-like
in pre Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome first response:
Changes in the temperament of music playing.
Commercial coming on TV with higher volume.
Thunder storms.
Fleas. (see detail in separate title).

4. My state of mind.
She seems to be able to identify my mood swings
quite accurately. Nevertheless, for the sake of
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome, she spots
quantity of mood while ignoring type of mood.
If I am generally calm, so will she be. (barring other triggers).
Likewise if I am generally quite in a light blue mood.
Any energy expressed can be a trigger.
Being over energetic doing things around the house,
being happy and letting my body language show it,
being sad or angry, upset, or irritated.
She can mostly sense these moods if expressed
verbally in a conversation with someone,
including when on the phone and the other
party is not at all present.

5. The state of mind of others.
Mostly, fear and general miscommunication only,
as with any other normal cat,
only with Nekko it will bring about a
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode.
a few minutes later.

6. During 2003-2004, a bond between Nekko and Tally
grew, and Nekko started preferring Tally over me as a sleeping buddy.
Time correlating, the hypersensitivity described regarding
myself was likewise with Tally.
At the peak day in late October 2005, where she received
7 pills of 5mg during some 5 hours,
it was during a big Crisis of Tally's.