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2510 Symptoms Worrying Obsessively This has been reported as typical
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
behavior, but with high variance, unlike most typical
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome symptoms.

With Nekko it seems very extreme.

She was only worried in this way about
myself and Tally, throughout her entire
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome history.

It happens, if at all, as the first first identifiable sign
of an upcoming episode.
It start with extreme gentleness, too obvious to miss,
and as such is a dead giveaway sign for an upcoming
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode.

"Watching over me" usually occurs when I am stationary
for long periods,
which happens only when working on the computer,
or when I am asleep.
In each case, if she did start "watching over",
it will likely develop into a
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episode,
the next step being still semi gentle.

If on the computer, she would first sit on the table nearby,
staring at me for long minutes, then she would jump at my lap,
and restlessly continue to find the right position to sit
never really stopping this minor body language motion,
often biting my typing hands with increasing force and
obsession, until I chase her away.
This being the case, she would now be angry also with
me, and shortly express it by attacking her tail in screams.

When asleep, she would sit silently very close to my
head, staring at it for several long minutes.
Then she would start chewing on the hair,
like cats do to grass.
Then she would take a very gentle bite at the head.
(She has also gotten this far with several
receptive guests, while I was not watching).

I am by then wide, awake, alert, and trying my best
to pretend that none of the above is true.
She know it of course, but lets her obsession prevail.
The bites would increase in strength and frequency
until such time that I decide that my head has suffered
enough for the sake of studying
Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome.

On the Internet this is referred to as "attacking heads".
It is important to note that with my experience with Nekko,
this is a much earlier stage of an episode,
it is an obsession, and not an attack by any means,
and is not at a stage where she is violent at all.
The head bites will become gradually intolerable
long before she becomes aggressive,
thereby providing an automatic safety mechanism
that can be relied upon even during sleep.