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Export to Excel select * from Nekko where title = 'aka Rolling Skin Synodrome' order by ordinal ( Row)
420 Video Comments aka Rolling Skin Synodrome Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome is also known as
Rolling Skin Syndrome.

Rolling skin is the hardest to catch on tape.
It diminishes on quality the further the episode comes closer
to the aggressive stages.

This one is a medium quality roll,
not quite the exact wave that would roll from
mid torso towards the hind, never to return forward.

It is an early and very sure sign,
even if it were not for the moan,
which is a dead giveaway.
In an earlier stage of the episode, I am likely
to completely miss it, but if I do see it,
I would immediately give her a low dose of Valium,
count on the episode to have otherwise occurred,
knowing its a sufficiently early stage that a low dose
might suffice.
More often then not, I will have missed many other signs
by then, and give her more Valium 15 minutes or more later,
once I know it was not enough to calm her down the first time.
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