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330 Video Comments eating hind leg The file eating hind leg-800kbps
is a large download of the same video with higher quality

In this video Nekko is literally chewing on her left hind foot.

She is stretching the foot nails apart with control not normally
seen during Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome episodes,
and is selectively chewing on 2 "fingers".

It takes some watching to verify that its her leg (not her tail)
and that she is actually chewing on it with her teeth
the whole time (not licking nor grooming).

For a record mostly for my recollection:
I was about one meter away and watching
her intensely the whole time
It was 2 hours of shooting altogether while on the phone
with Reggy and on the computer at the same time.
The above is what I saw very precisely,
not an analysis of the video.
This has not occurred throughout the period
she was treated with Valium.
Beforehand, it was not observed, but in veterinary inspection
wounds were found between the nail of a hind leg (I forget which one).

Strangly, I never saw Nekko excercising this ritual
with the left leg. Always the right.
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