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2150 Symptoms manicure Cats have the nasty habit of runing furniture
by scratching them.
The reason they do that is to shed old claws,
whereas underneath, the new claw is ready.

This mechanism has a calendar of its own,
much like with a snake or a crab,
yet this schedule depands on many factors.

With Nekko, I grew accustomed to a manicure
being the best sign to tell me an FHS episode is coming.
Only long experience told my instincts this is in fact
an FHS symtom, demanding my immediate attention,
if I am to prevent the coming episode.

Yet, there is nothing she does in that ritual
that is any different from any ordinary cat.
Years have passed before I discovered that there is a
very slight diffrence still:

Nekko often takes a manicure when she doesn't need one.
Ordinary cats do not.

Synchronzing this with thoughts regarding
some other behaviors thast are peculiar,
I came up with this:

What makes cats decide its time for a manicure?

A minute very specific irritation, which creates
a reflexive response to start the manicure ritual.
The irritation will go away once a claw is off.

Very early in life, Nekko was diagnosed with alergy to fleas.
At age two months, she was in heat already and was
neutered by recommendation of her vet, two months later.

Hyperesthesia - oversensivity - takes many forms.
Nekko is not allergic to fleas any more than
to the skippers and flys.

A hormonal "irritation" still very minute, expedites
her calendar due to oversensitivity,
long before the irritation is sizeable enough to matter to
normal cats. Cats get their first period at age
7months or abouts, not 2.

An annoying skipper is not that annoying to most cats,
but it is somewhat annoying.

The claw irritation must start from zero to small and so on,
as the claw is getting ready to be useless.
With FHS, the less than needed irritation is enough.

This would mean that Nekko always takes manicures
before they are needed, as FHS episodes are much
more frequent than needed manicure,
and so if she does take a manicure,
its a sure sign that FHS is on its way.