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164 05 - Laws of Variation Habit Use and Disuse It is shown by Charles Darwin how Habit, Use and Disuse
are all used by Natural Selection in a similar manner:

An unused organ or instinct becomes rudimentary over time,
since Natural Selection will not protect that which it has created,
if it is no longer needed for survival.
As extinction is high and it is no longer a part of the Selection Criteria,
it will diminish in its influence given enough generations.

An organ or instinct reliant upon for survival will be watched over closely
to improve upon any slight variation that occurs.
Hair, for example, will automatically fit itself to any
environment given enough generations.

Habit, learned from parents or others,
will also be perfected in the same process
of Natural Selection, thereby implanting "habit genes".
This is how cats learned to use the litter box.
Habit will also disappear with similar ease given enough generations
if the conditions of life so demand.

05 - Laws of Variation
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