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Tue, Feb 28 2006 300 Life Wish If I had done the same I'd later say in the garden
that it happened just like the first time.
But I would still be wrong, just expressing anger.
You can't not pull the trigger and later say you did.
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Reggy told me that in the last fight with her husband
she had threatened him she would jump out the window
with their baby.

Presumably in order to prevent this sad event,
this angel of a husband,
jumped out of the window himself.
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The notion of trying to help someone by dying
had sprouted many thuoghts.

Reggy felt guilty for years, while I was hiding
extreme philosophical anger towards her husband.
Reggy did not pull the trigger. He did.

It is very pour judgement based on a totally
screwed up philosophical and psychological
makeup to think you can help anyone when you are dead.

One can only be as altruistic as one is egotistical.

The composition of these thoughts I call: Life Wish.

Tue, Feb 28 2006 1000 Life Wish - Aristotles Can we put the gibberish and Angel speak aside
for a moment?
What is your life wish, really?

Not sure what you mean, I was just being poetic.

Very well then. Grow up.
You still need to define the goals in your life,
so you can make the right decisions,
about actions to be taken,
that will affect your life.
It is called: Philosophy.
It is a dynamic set of rules you establish during your life
that guides your decision making processes and your actions.
He then made a Socrates face, and said:
For example, why do you want to go to Tel Aviv today?

Well, because I want to be with Reggy.

Yes, but why do you want to be with her?

because I love her?

Yes, but Why do you love her?

I was building minor anger, from frustration:
You know she asked me the same question!

Lucky for you the face was just for the talk,
and my preachings are not those of Socrates.
It goes like this:
This is implied by my logic - Aristotelian - the only one practical.
It means that the last question must always be left without an answer,
and this is your real goal.
"Because this is what you want" is a perfect answer,
and why you might want it is less important.
What is important, is identifying what it is that you really
want out of your life, and what it is that you do to get there.
For that second part you will need a philosophy.
I suggest the Aristotelian. There is nothing else.
He paused and made a Socrates face again,
as if that was that same nagging question.
(What is your life wish, really?)

A friend came by today and he said something very
peculiar that made me think of you and your question.
He said: "I like learning from other people's mistakes.
I mostly like learning from your (that's me) mistakes,
because you always try to be different,
like me, and most people
don't trend where you and I make mistakes."

I think what I want from my life is to know
it was meaningful in the end,
and for that I need to be different,
and for that I attach myself to esoteric people,
and for the meaning to be self convincing enough
I need the subject of my differences to be
that which concerns me the most,
and that is the fine balance between good and evil.
How can you tell if the actions you take will end up having
good or evil effect?
I want mine to be good, in a way that expresses difference.
In other words, I can't really be different,
I can just be better at it.

Like I said, you will find your own way.
As a warning, I should say:
she may have introduced us, but she is not a follower.
Be cautious!
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Tue, Feb 28 2006 1100 Life Wish - Ayn Rand He is right you know, man is a rational animal,
and you, as a member of the species must think
logically in order to survive.
Protect yourself. The good you will bring on to you
will shower onto others, and they are rational
and should act the same, and their good will shower onto you.
You guys just need to define life in math formulas and solve them.
For that, we are missing two axioms, A = A, and reality exist.
The third I take from him: Man is a rational animal.

If I could explain to you why I love Reggy,
you will also fall in love with her,
if life were so logical.
I just love her, there is nothing rational about it,
and I am a man.
Je Pense, Donc Je Suis.
She brings me to life, I want to know her,
and that tells me I love her.
If you can't explain that to me,
maybe I'd better consult with Charles.
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Tue, Feb 28 2006 1200 Life Wish - Darwin So why do I want to know her, when up until we met
I did not want to know anybody for some time?
If everybody is busy trying to reproduce,
how come I didn't for that long?

You are watching too many Hollywood nature movies.
Those education salesmen never understood me.
Not everybody is trying to reproduce all the time.
Did you know that whales marry for life,
the act of marriage being a single acquaintance?
Once mated, they will never leave each other,
and may stay in celibacy for life if chance so commands.
Man is an animal, and this is where the foundation of
your psychology comes from.
It only seems distinct because it has evolved
by necessity with the evolution of the brain.
The new complex thought processes demanded
a complex set of psychological systems.
It should have taken many millions of years.
As luck may have it, you only had two million years.
After that the brain was sufficiently powerful
to rule the planet, extinction ceased, and with it,
For the last 100,000 years or so, you have been neglecting
your brain to chance, not letting me do any work on it.
In order for the brain to have kept evolving,
Nature would have to kill many many people as they
grow up, and selectively leave alive those with better
brains. This happened over a period of two million
years or so, and was perfected As Needed,
for the next 100,000 years or so,
where humanity was a collection of tribes,
totaling about 10,000 individuals in all,
throughout the planet.
After that, In the last 12,000 years or so,
you have been total zombies as far as evolution
is concerned, busy reproducing aimlessly,
as all my successful species have done before you,
and have been very slowly ruining your brains,
waiting for the resurrecting Mad Max phase to come.
You didn't even manage to get yourself totally
addicted to toilet paper.
May God bless Buddha for that one.
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What all this means is that the human brain is frozen
in the midst of evolving, just like the hands of
the Orangutan,
while the Orangutans are becoming lonelier,
improving their hands in some last futile attempts to survive.
Variance of the brain is very high,
and very much more so in the structures of its psychology,
which evolved in tandem as a side effect and so express
a latency of quite a few well needed generations.
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You love the biblical know-how, because you must.
So did the germs from which you have sprouted.
They called it eating. Ever wonder why Freud?

You stopped wanting to because
you have an oversized brain
with this new invention called a conscience,
and some older inventions called mental problems.
These act on your frontal lobes and stop you from acting.
Animals have them too, only not nearly as improved.
You and Reggy have been busy convincing each other
that Ayn Rand was right and you need to have a really
good and sound logical reason to do it.
In fact you are nuts, you did all the brainwashing on your own,
but the animal instincts are strong,
and it forces the Ayn Rand logic to fail miserably,
when opportunity knocks.
You knew each other once, fell in love just like the whales,
and you want to know only her, just like the whales,
and all the time, just like the chimpanzees.
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Ayn was simply wrong, copying from Aristotle the one thing
he was wrong about
"Man Is A Rational Animal"- Not.
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Man is just an animal,
with some added qualities frozen in the midst of evolving.
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Sigmound is much more dangerous.
He is right most of the time,
and is almost always wrong, scientifically.
It is easier to listen to him if you assume a-priori that
he speaks in metaphors, just like you often do.
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