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Wed, Feb 22 2006 100 The Job Angels don't realy sit on clouds you know.
most of the time its hard work.
We just sit there occasionally, between jobs.

"Ki Kshe Hamalachim Bochim Beolam Aher,
Az Baolam Haze, Azuv Lanu Yoter"

In fact we never cry, we just get sad
when we see someone who does,
and that is when we come down to do some work.

Then again, being aliens and not having bodies nor wings,
we must implant ourselves in human souls, so we can meet
the job offers in the Glances while we are sitting in the clouds.

Still, only
By Chance Two Separate Glances Meet
and a job is defined.

To our advantage, Darwin, my boss, is working on a
babel-fish -like device that focuses on translating
words spoken freudianly, into concious-like sentences.
It is still primitive and in development.

To compensate, I get to ask a lot of questions so as to
ecourage everyone to
Help Me Understand the Best I Can.

Sitting on a cloud one day,
she said I had changed her life.

I heard her loud and clear, told her so, and signed the job papers.
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