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1 The Party In answer to a question I was asked by
a guy I fell for at a party:

So, you want my air juice.
You have no clue what size trap you just fell into, and
I apologize for having set it with zero consciousness.
Its called love, I think, but how could I possibly
see this one coming, albeit the long hair.

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2 The Juice Might take you places other brain juices can't.
It is air, as far as you are concerned,
and that which is breathed, as far as I.

After forty five Years, I did sixteen.
On average about fifteen hundred per.

When I tell-tale some of this to the next
do-me-wanna-be, I almost immediately
get asked for a proof.
Shortly after, jealousy takes over and
I have to prove my loyalty-by-comparison.

So the advice givers we listened to when we were
young were wrong:
By all means do tell, if it carries any weight.

So you say you can do three a day without chemicals.
How long can you last like this?
About until the weekend, when there is more time.

From Your Bed I Gained a Day and Lost a Bloody Year...
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3 The Web K. was working for the father of the cousin, the happy daughter.
So he did her, like he did everybody else.
or at least that is what she told me while she was doing me,
when she said she refused him.
I can't believe she had thought I would fall for this one.
The great one is never said no to, never.

So he did everything that moved,
and everything that moved faster than the rest did me.
I made very few choices in life, if any.

At first, my in law told me K. wants to do me,
and that I should beware.
so I almost immediately asked K.
what exactly is stopping her,
as if I didn't know nothing was.

I went to her husband, the Jazz Guitar player,
to ask for her hand.

At the time he was a very good friend,
with whom I was planning future doos.
It was in the not-before-not-after single evening.
He was so right being condescending,
that I felt like a very small boy,
and we both pitied him together for his frustration.
That night she did me.

Strangely, K. did Archy before the Jazz Guitar player.
Archy was doing the happy daughter for several years
before she was happy.

K. picked up the Jazz Guitar player just for the Guitar,
and she and Archy were actually in love when K.
and the Jazz Guitar Player got married.

Cousin and her father, Archy and K.
all entangled in a web of generations, doos, and
people turning happy in an early midlife crisis.

This is not my web at all.
It was woven long before I had the age
to get caught in the strands.

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4 Highschool Definitely the highest school of life.
I have already refused two verbal do offers
before the very first Great Gig in the Sky.
It was worth it.

It was ancient times, and there were only two great doers there.

The first, my second verbal offer, was the only one in
class to have the bazookas greater than my first
verbal offer, who spent long and many years
doing the offering in futility, while I was on my back.
She was a true angel and still is.

The other, Duffy, I was introduced to by the Jazz Guitar player
many years later.
Turns out that during their college days, K. and Duffy
used to be do rivals, big time, trying to outdo each others
through the bodies of the professors.

At least she never wanted to do me,
though I do remember that I promised the Jazz Guitar player
that I would teach her and her husband how to ski,
much like I did with the Jazz Guitar player and many others,
and the association sparks were gleaming from the snow
that weekend in Vermont.

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