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23 Here I Go This is a story 'bout a girl that I knew
she didn't like my songs
and that made me feel blue
she said: "a big band is far better than you"...

She don't rock 'n' roll, she don't like it
she don't do the stroll, well she don't do it right
well, ev'rythings wrong and my patience was gone
when I woke one morning
and remembered this song
O-oh-oh, kinda catchy, I hoped
that she would talk to me now
and even allow me to hold her hand
and forget that old band.

I strolled around to her pad
her light was off and that's bad
her sister said that my girl was gone
"But come inside, boy, and play, play, play me a song!"
I said "Yeah! Here I go"
She's kinda cute; don't you know,
That after a while of seeing her smile
I knew we could make it, make it in style!?

So now I've got all I need
She and I are in love, we've agreed
she likes this song and my others too
so now you see my world is...
because of this tune!
What a boon this tune!
I tell you soon
We'll be lying in bed, happily wed,
and I won't think of that girl
or what she said...
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18 An Attack on Foreign Land As soon as I land I rush over.
In the evenings Nitty takes me for walks outside.
Alone in the dark park, she tells me how these
relaxation breaks are mentally important for her,
and the support is vital for her resolve in cancer nursing.

I am being raped in futility in dark parks,
star enlightened sand beaches and parked cars,
never reaching a real do of course,
given my fragile state.
I am mostly frozen in shock,
which leaves me lazy with pleasure
on my back throughout.
In passing he asks me to take the best care I can
of a dear loved one for him,
as she is about to reach The States in a few weeks.
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32 Sky Phone At Hogwarts, the phone system works slightly differently,
much like the mail.
Nitty was not really a heavy duty fairy witch,
just a well connected hobbyist,
but it was worth a try. So I called her.
She took her time. Like I said, she was a hobbyist.
The dumps were getting dumpier by the minute.
I commenced begging over the sky phone.
Sky phones are nice, as you do not need to know
numbers and locations, which I didn't at the time.

Not a week later,
she calls me up from the other end of the planet.
Its a real flesh and blood phone this time, made of plastic.

You need me, I can tell, she says.
Or else, I said.

It didn't take much more.
We agreed to meet midway, in Israel.
Over there still, we interviewed each other on the do issue,
not verbally, though in part.
From there we came back to The States to live together
for two more years.

Nitty was not my first choice for a saviour at that time. Barbie was.
I tried the same. Barbie was in Israel at the time,
and forced me to take her to Puerto Rico if I care to be saved.
Over there, she was putting my heart out like a cigarette, again,
thereby guaranteeing she had no chance
chasing Nitty off this time around.

The doos these two years were awesome,
and the best was yet to come.
Life would have looked great, if I had any.
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17 A Bone Call from Overseas At the climax of all this,
Nitty called me with the evil lightning news.

Within a few phone calls, I am late for a plane to catch,
destination Israel.

The automatic secretary and the virgin are pushed aside,
or so I presumed.
K. is accompanying me to the airport.
Though we are officially separated,
just friends now, it has already been almost a week
since the last do, and we kiss and hug at the parking
lot before I fly off to what I had hoped to be a web-less hell.
At least web-less?
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