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31 So Long Barbie Barbie and I got back together as she promised.
Nitty away though, Barbie lost her drive.
Like Smeagol, the word will only last so long.
So long was about two months.
Then Barbie said so long.
I was in the dumps.
Really in the dumps.

The onset of the dumps took some time to graduate.

It didn't hurt that I was on the verge of my imminent financial ruin.
Well, it did, rather, quite a bit.
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25 And the Web Goes On Weaving Itself Barbie left my heart in near fatal condition.

Nitty meanwhile, back in Israel, age 30 and a few minutes,
had her hormones suddenly jump to attention,
and she took her then husband to a mutual shrink,
and had all three of them sign the papers for Nitty's next attack.

It took Nitty six months more to slowly and
gently break the news to me.
Never quite saying anything definite,
except that she is coming to stay
for a month of relaxation at my place in The States.
I called up her husband and verified with him that
he too signed off the papers,
as Nitty will only tell me of the
shrink trio after success was safe in pocket.

Are you sure you know what you are doing?
Are you aware of the history?

He was very terse:
I have full confidence in her.
She will do as she pleases.
I am well aware of the facts.
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10 Bone Cancer By the time I was twenty eight he was busy dying.
Like evil lightning,
Nitty called me up one day and told me he decided to start dying.

I had no clew for whom, and how this was to affect
the doos and don't of my life to this day.
During the previous few months to my discovery of this
shocking fact,
the web was getting very messy,
totally independently thus far.

And during these very same few months,
we had been talking hours over the phone,
fantasizing how he will come to stay at my place
and paint New York.

The great one, the web creator, had died of
stomach cancer somewhat later.
My encounters with witchcraft also occurred somewhat later.
Even if I were to be a great witchcraft wizard,
I would not have had a chance to a clue,
as to the dangerous web I am already so well entangled in.
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4 Highschool Definitely the highest school of life.
I have already refused two verbal do offers
before the very first Great Gig in the Sky.
It was worth it.

It was ancient times, and there were only two great doers there.

The first, my second verbal offer, was the only one in
class to have the bazookas greater than my first
verbal offer, who spent long and many years
doing the offering in futility, while I was on my back.
She was a true angel and still is.

The other, Duffy, I was introduced to by the Jazz Guitar player
many years later.
Turns out that during their college days, K. and Duffy
used to be do rivals, big time, trying to outdo each others
through the bodies of the professors.

At least she never wanted to do me,
though I do remember that I promised the Jazz Guitar player
that I would teach her and her husband how to ski,
much like I did with the Jazz Guitar player and many others,
and the association sparks were gleaming from the snow
that weekend in Vermont.

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