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26 Anticipating Nitty During those six months, Barbie, a friend now,
was getting quite agitated with the whole thing, and
I started spending some time on my back again.

As usual, nobody cared for my say in any of these matters.

But as the self-import day grew closer and better defined,
I forced my conscience to overcome my hormones for the
two weeks prior to arrival day.
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28 A Month with Neither I drove Nitty to the airport,
and landed back at Barbie's place rather
than going home that evening.

Naturally, we did it again, and again for several days.

Meanwhile Nitty, back in Israel is a very honest person,
and broke off the news to her husband regarding
the events in The States, as if it was any news.
She probably pissed him off mostly with the
statistical reports she was preparing,
as I have no clue why the whole sequence of events
took such an unconscious and destructive path.

First, within the several days Barbie was still doing me,
it was agreed between them they will never do each other again.
He got a court order to imprison her in the country
for as long as the divorce is not finalized.
Nitty meanwhile was looking for support overseas,
begging me to promise her future doos over the phone
so she can survive the hardships of divorce.
So I did, and broke it off with Barbie again.

Within a month all the papers were signed,
including Nitty's airline re-import ticket.
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39 Nekko I married Nekko, my owner cat,
because the Russian woman
brought her home from the street as we were
moving in to live together, having just decided
to get married.

She was very quick and had a very convincing head start.
Her previous boyfriend didn't like the food she ate.
I have no clue what planet she picked him up at.
Its OK, don't worry about me, go ahead, make my day.
She was very frustrated.
Having received my surrendering approval,
she took it out on me.
Or from, rather.
She had me on my back in lightning speed
which felt like meteor showers,
and later dumped me at the altar.
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6 The Stringless Guitar I met him in the army.

The most I remember of him is one piss we took together in the wild.

He was eating a sandwich.
At half size he let it fall off his hand right through the stream.
He was heavy duty into Punk Music and Zappa logic at the time.
How can one not fall for such purity. I was helpless.

I later went to TAU to study math on the Hill of Anemones.

During those times we had a comeback.

I didn't do much of the guitar myself.
I just cut and glued the wood, he did all the painting.

We later took possession turns, about a year or two a turn.

So I came to his place that day to continue with the guitar thing,
not quite aware that Nitty had just turned eighteen.

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