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15 The Virginal Objectivist Not to rush or anything,
right after coming back from Boston
to a straight dive into the automatic secretary.
Just for the parallelism, I also met with the virgin.

She was twenty seven or so at the time.
I had known her for seven years by then.
Being that I owed her from the party she had thrown
just for this, we started non-doing the naked thing.
I was training her for her first do,
and only did her four years later,
after she was safely open.
I'll get back to that then.
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19 Back Home On the airplane, my thoughts are not given a moments rest.
At least my hormones do.

Turns out the head Objectivist from the army days
is on his way over for The States.
I haven't seen him in many years,
and we exchange time holes filler info.

So what were you doing in Israel?
I came to visit a dying army friend.
what of?
Bone cancer.
And do you know why he wants to die?

It was quite a shock, especially from a former Objectivist.

It's simple. he says with a calm smile,
there are no viruses nor germs.
Where do you think it comes from, God?

Back in The States, fearing the imminent new import,
I quickly go and visit the virgin and we start non-doing again.
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13 The American One day I was called up by my wife to hop over to
Boston for the weekend.
At a place of a mutual friend,
I fell in love with a neighbor,
just for an afternoon.
We did the non-doing thing,
in a rare I-wasn't-the-one-stepping-on-the-breaks event.
She was American. The only American.
I should have known by then my place is in Israel.
I wasn't really ready to listen to my hormones at the time.

Two days later, on the phone from New York,
She Shot Me Down.
Bang Bang.

No worry.
The bank account seems to be overflowing
with bodies anyway.
Just to be safe, I called up the automatic secretary
for a single night of several doos.
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21 Nuts and Bolts Picture and I get older by some two years,
doing, and doing, and doing,
until I ran out of resolve.
Then we break up to live in separate homes,
and still do it occasionally like most do, for a while.
Later we stay just friends for some time.
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