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34 Legal Issues The first lawyer came from Israel to The States
to scout me for doos several months earlier.
A younger sister of the wife of a very close friend,
we have been conversing doos for some fifteen or so
years by then.

Nitty was busy not knowing the lawyer exists,
and was trying to pull some heavy duty fights,
just to make sure she ends up on some
other end of the planet anyway.

The lawyer was confident with the upcoming victory.
We had our usual friendship style meetings,
like we used to whenever we chanced to meet
in the past fifteen years.

But the night meetings at her place,
with Europeanly polite talks in her living room
grew longer, while Nitty was scouting for airline
tickets, without telling me.

I didn't want to tell Nitty about the lawyer because
nothing was going on and I didn't want to
piss her off for nothing.
My hormones had other plans,
and while coupled with Nitty,
they probably knew she is scouting for airplanes,
and started scouting for lawyers. Whatever works.

Totally unaware of the fact that
Nitty is already in possession of an airline ticket,
at two past midnight the lawyer says I look very tired.
Being the hostess, she forces me to her bed to sleep.
She is well protected by her legal paperwork.
we just sleep, right? friends.

Her stomach is gentle to the touch when she puts my hand on top of it.

So my hormones raise the hand towards the hill.

Lawyers need to stay protected,
so she brought over the papers
and started talking:

Let it be known, for the record, to all that will later ask,
that you have just made a pass at me,
as thus far it was just friendship [semi-naked in bed],
whereas you are the one who made the first do-move.

I signed the paper, but quickly showed it to her
older sister's husband the next morning.
I have to be safe too.

We spent six months together,
while Nitty was safely away in some
eastern end of the planet, and a month after we broke up
Nitty came for the next round.
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16 The Web Gets Messier The K. thing was happening during the same time.
While K. was busy scouting doos in New York,
laying out the stories as she was doing me,
I was also non-doing the Objectivist,
and was laying out the stories to K.
One day K. begged me to just do the child,
of pity, and be done with it.
It didn't happen anywhere near that timeframe.
I was not about to obey, except to my own hormones.
And those were already quite opinionated.
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22 Sister Swap The much younger sister imports herself
from overseas to visit the elder picture for six months.
She has a weakness for those whose bodies are
owned or used to be owned by the elder picture,
and the attack is imminent.
She is a Barbie with soft skin and not twenty years of age.
Just past thirty myself, my hormones are counting
the stars on the fighter plane,
and again, I am powerless.

It is four years since the virgin.
The picture obviously starts attacking again.
My hormones have to protect themselves
from the dual insanity,
and they walk over to the non-virgin's place to
take a sanity break.
As usual, I follow without being asked if I care to.

As if that was not enough,
as all three are doing me regularly for a short week or two,
me and the non-virgin have a slight accident.
In the middle of the night I rush on the Rollerblades
to the pharmacy to get some foam.
Like a spy, making sure the picture sisters who live close by
don't happen to notice me.

I think the excitement, mutual fears,
and the foam massage made us fall in love.
For the first and only time, and for so very briefly.
As if we were under enemy aircraft fire as we were doing it
after the pharmacy visit.
But the fire was in me, and its expression was in her.

And as if that was not enough,
the head Objectivist from the past
came for a conference on the west coast,
and could use a place to stay on the east coast.

I invite him over to stay.
Barbie is staying with elder picture still,
so my place can officially hold him.
We get to visit the elder picture for no reason
that my hormones told me about.

His hormones are loose with the picture,
the picture is pissed at both myself and Barbie baby sister,
and the sister swap is near completion.
Not that anyone asked me, as usual.

They pretend to fall in love real quick.
The picture Can't Hold Out Too Long.
They fight it out and the picture ends up in my place,
sleeping totally alone.

Me and Barbie take a night tour over the Brooklyn Bridge
and sign up some details,
while elder picture is waiting for me sleeping in my bed,
leaving hers to the Objectivist to sleep alone in as well.
All the while none of this information is hidden from either party,
except that the non-virgin doesn't know about Barbie yet,
as if it mattered in this mess.

Until sun-peak elder waits sleeping in my bed,
when I arrive back home from my
New York tour with Barbie sister.
She wakes up in domineering frustration as I arrive.
My hormones just want to do her
and I try obeying their orders.

They give up over a strange fight:
She wants to do me, I want to do her, we fight and have neither.
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20 A Local Attack The new import is a picture to die for.
It is my first and gentlest encounter with shear insanity.
She is also smart enough to hide it real well.
I have no tools to resist the upcoming attack.
It is my territory, but my body is that of hers.
All the while K. is suddenly jealous again,
for her dazzling beauty and age makes her
a fierce competition rival
over the already conquered territory,
in a pre-declared cease fire.
The virgin is still a virgin, and does have good grounds,
but doesn't stand a chance.
Nitty is meanwhile calling as if giving death progress reports,
but in fact is inviting herself over.
Not only I know I will not survive such a visit,
the Stringless Guitar is watching me with cautious patience.
I'd give an arm to know her thoughts.
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