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37 With Animals I was driving a cat to the airport that night.
The three of us had coffee,
and she told me a previous boyfriend did it with sheep.
She did me the next night.
I said, OK, but loveless.
She said, I don't mind. I just wanna do your nails
and everything else.
My hormones said OK and it lasted yet another week.
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38 Betty I was strong and could hold my hormones for
two whole meetings before she managed to do me.

On the third night she did me.

On the forth night, at two AM her body asked
my hormones if they happen to be awake.
She probably thought she was testing my resolve.
I giggled in my sleep and did her.

On the fifth night she thought my resolve could use better testing.

Anywho, slowly but surely,
she upped doing me by one a night,
until we got to six.

She used to drive me home in the mornings,
where I would go to sleep
while she went to work.

After a month of such self torture
she was totally insane for close to zero sleep
and we broke it off.

Nitty was in the background,
ambushing the next round,
and took advantage of the sleep split-ups
Betty used to take occasionally.

Due to a miscalculation of timing on her part,
I was forced to break it off one day,
as Betty was quite time consuming.

Me and Nitty never did it since.
I was finally ready for Marriage.
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39 Nekko I married Nekko, my owner cat,
because the Russian woman
brought her home from the street as we were
moving in to live together, having just decided
to get married.

She was very quick and had a very convincing head start.
Her previous boyfriend didn't like the food she ate.
I have no clue what planet she picked him up at.
Its OK, don't worry about me, go ahead, make my day.
She was very frustrated.
Having received my surrendering approval,
she took it out on me.
Or from, rather.
She had me on my back in lightning speed
which felt like meteor showers,
and later dumped me at the altar.
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