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17 A Bone Call from Overseas At the climax of all this,
Nitty called me with the evil lightning news.

Within a few phone calls, I am late for a plane to catch,
destination Israel.

The automatic secretary and the virgin are pushed aside,
or so I presumed.
K. is accompanying me to the airport.
Though we are officially separated,
just friends now, it has already been almost a week
since the last do, and we kiss and hug at the parking
lot before I fly off to what I had hoped to be a web-less hell.
At least web-less?
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18 An Attack on Foreign Land As soon as I land I rush over.
In the evenings Nitty takes me for walks outside.
Alone in the dark park, she tells me how these
relaxation breaks are mentally important for her,
and the support is vital for her resolve in cancer nursing.

I am being raped in futility in dark parks,
star enlightened sand beaches and parked cars,
never reaching a real do of course,
given my fragile state.
I am mostly frozen in shock,
which leaves me lazy with pleasure
on my back throughout.
In passing he asks me to take the best care I can
of a dear loved one for him,
as she is about to reach The States in a few weeks.
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19 Back Home On the airplane, my thoughts are not given a moments rest.
At least my hormones do.

Turns out the head Objectivist from the army days
is on his way over for The States.
I haven't seen him in many years,
and we exchange time holes filler info.

So what were you doing in Israel?
I came to visit a dying army friend.
what of?
Bone cancer.
And do you know why he wants to die?

It was quite a shock, especially from a former Objectivist.

It's simple. he says with a calm smile,
there are no viruses nor germs.
Where do you think it comes from, God?

Back in The States, fearing the imminent new import,
I quickly go and visit the virgin and we start non-doing again.
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20 A Local Attack The new import is a picture to die for.
It is my first and gentlest encounter with shear insanity.
She is also smart enough to hide it real well.
I have no tools to resist the upcoming attack.
It is my territory, but my body is that of hers.
All the while K. is suddenly jealous again,
for her dazzling beauty and age makes her
a fierce competition rival
over the already conquered territory,
in a pre-declared cease fire.
The virgin is still a virgin, and does have good grounds,
but doesn't stand a chance.
Nitty is meanwhile calling as if giving death progress reports,
but in fact is inviting herself over.
Not only I know I will not survive such a visit,
the Stringless Guitar is watching me with cautious patience.
I'd give an arm to know her thoughts.
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