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Wed, Jun 20 2007 10 Introduction Common Evolution Magic Tricks Exposed

* Man did not decend from the ape
* Godzilla can not evolve from nuclear waste
* Neither Apes nor Primates can (again) evolve to the smarts of The Planet Of The Apes
* humans can not grow new arms from nuclear waste as in planet of the apes 17, and Total Recall
* Even Science Fiction can hardly read the genes of two living dinosaurs from the gene map of just one.

markets mutations as the tiny little gene sourcerers of Nature.

It is not clear whether the film makers are ignorant,
or are just greedily uneducational.

The Origin of Species




Evolution Theory For Kids
Evolution Theory For Kids
Wed, Jun 20 2007 20 Jurassic Park All this long story about the mosquito was to tell us through
the eyes of Hollywood Evolution followers,
that which can be as easily accomplished by
taking a blood sample from a living bird.

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How on earth did Hollywood manage to advertize the dinosaurs
so well, while hiding the fact they are all around us,
still ruling the planet,
with air coverage any army would yearn to have?

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The birds descended from the Dinosaurs,
and from a blood sample of a living bird,
you can get the genome of a dinosaur.

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While Douglas Adams and Isaac Asimov give Evolution Theory good publicity,
shadowy movie forces are at work corrupting their marketing.

Douglas Adams does not need to scientifically show
how animals can be trained to deliver themselves as food,
even though science knows,
that from Evolution theory,
it makes perfect sense.

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Wed, Jun 20 2007 30 The Cows are Dancing Into The Slaughterhouse Go see for yourself.

Douglas Adams can easily make fun of Evolution so well
for the same reason Woody Allen and Mel Brooks
do it to the Jews.

Douglas Adams is part of the community,
and he understands it well.
He can easily make a convincing argument:

Lets pretend you are a cow.

If you are a trouble maker,
the farmer will want to eat you when you are young,
so that you won't make trouble for too long.

Since the farmer wants you dead sooner or later,
if you actually want to die,
this means you are well behaved,
and the farmer can eat you some other day.

Wanting to die will keep you alive.

If the farmer has a nack for dancing cows,
like some Horse breeders do,
then if you are a slighly more of a dancing cow than the rest,
you will be liked, survive, and leave baby cows
with dancing genes.

Those youngsters who do not dance as well,
will have to be eaten sooner so that you can stay
alive while the farmer is not hungry.

Pretense aside,

the genes that will be passed on to the next
generation are those of the better Slaughterhouse dancers,
even if everyone at first -
some 30 thousand years ago -
they all danced violently out and away.

This type of domestication over many generations is termed Artificial Selection.

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Wed, Jun 20 2007 35 Replication A replicator is a creature that can make copies,
or replications of itself.

When a woman bears a child, he is similar in charachter
to his mother and father: he is human.

Humans are replicators.

When a replicator makes a copy of itself,
there are now two of them.

Next time, both will replicated and there will be 4.

Next time, there will be 8.

Next time 16.

At the tenth time, 1024.

At the 20th time, about a million.

At the 30th time, a billion.

If adam and eve bore four children, doubling
their quantity, and so on with each generation,
there would be a billion people on earth
in thirty generations.

The Cockroach female,
in her lifetime, will lay up to a million eggs,
in some cockroach species.

Try to imagine this:

One female cockroach would live and die in about one year,
leaving a million cockroches.

Each of the half a million females will do the same next year,
leaving 500 billion cockroaches around.

Next year there will be more.

In The Origin Of Species,
Charles Darwin gives a long and detailed
account of how quickly different animals in Nature would grow
to cover the earth.

Geometrical powers of increase
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