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Wed, Jun 20 2007 20 Jurassic Park All this long story about the mosquito was to tell us through
the eyes of Hollywood Evolution followers,
that which can be as easily accomplished by
taking a blood sample from a living bird.

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How on earth did Hollywood manage to advertize the dinosaurs
so well, while hiding the fact they are all around us,
still ruling the planet,
with air coverage any army would yearn to have?

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The birds descended from the Dinosaurs,
and from a blood sample of a living bird,
you can get the genome of a dinosaur.

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While Douglas Adams and Isaac Asimov give Evolution Theory good publicity,
shadowy movie forces are at work corrupting their marketing.

Douglas Adams does not need to scientifically show
how animals can be trained to deliver themselves as food,
even though science knows,
that from Evolution theory,
it makes perfect sense.

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