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Wed, Jun 20 2007 50 Luck If you made one mistake and died for it,
you are very lucky.

You lived longer then the average in your species.

Most creatures born will die before they had the chance to make the first mistake.

For example, in a violent sweep of a bird's nest by the wind,
where one egg happened to have been left intact,
it is shear luck that will decide which
egg gets to stay alive.

The eggs are all about the same,
and have no advantage over one another,
to better survive this situtation.

Such is the case with all neweborns in nature,
plants and animals alike.

It is rare, but it is important to note,
that in some cases, the eggs are quite different
then one another.
For example, some might have a harder shell
than others.

In this case, the harder shelled eggs have a better
chance of surviving.

It is more likely then,
that the egg that survived is one of the harder ones,
yet several hard shell eggs also died,
even though they have not made the mistake
of having a soft shell.

If the shell of the egg is different from one egg to another,
we say it has high variation, or low perfection.

The probabilities of luck and its effect on the evolution
of species can be calculated and observed.
The results in this respect are sometimes called: Genetic Drift.

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