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Wed, Jun 20 2007 57 Struggle For Existence Many cheetahs will die young, even if they are perfect.
This cheetah, with the imperfect nail,
will almost surely be one of the many cheetahs
who die young, in their fights
with each other for the food animals in the territory.

All animals and plants always compete with each other
to stay alive.
For the most part, cheetahs fight with cheetahs to see
can chase the deer better,
while the deer fight with the other deer to see
who can run away from the cheetahs faster.

It is not a war between the cheetahs and the deer.
Neither side will ever win.
The cheetahs will remain 70,
and likewise the dear will keep their numbers.

This constant undeclared fight among the individual cheetahs
Darwin calls The Struggle For Existence

Strugle for Existence
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