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Wed, Jun 20 2007 65 Orangutan Darwin looked at some orangutans,
and noticed something very odd:

The hands of the individual orangutans are noticibly very
different from one another.

This means that the orangutans can not possibly
all be as perfect as our cheetahs.
If they are so different than one another,
even if just in the shape and length of
their huge hands,
then some orangutans must have better hands than others,
and so they are not all perfect.

Not only that, when father and mother orangutan
replicate a new baby orangutan,
his new hands will also surely be different than all
the others.
After all, his mother and father did not have the same
hands to begin with.

But if the orangutans were ever perfect,
than the struggle for existence would have kept
them perfect.

And so we know,
that they were not perfect to begin with.

In fact, they were probably perfect a long time ago.
perfect for some other territory, or some other climate.
Then, and there,
they were probably like any other
ordinary hands of other apes,
which among the other individuals in the same species,
all look about the same.

Then something happened.
It could be just a change in the territory,
that made the very small differences in the hands
be selected suddenly as better,
and so cause baby orangutans to continue
carrying the genes of hands that are different,
blending with the rest,
creating much variation.

It is also possible that a small chance mutation
was somehow beneficial for survival,
and so it stuck around to the next generation.
Some of the new born Orangutans had some of this
new fine quality, and some not.
Again, there will be high variation.

This is how we came to the present day,
with the hands of the orangutan still imperfect.

Death comes just as quickly, and the better orangutans
with the better hands will survive.

In time, the perfect hands will be selected and remain,
while the lesser hands will disappear.

By then the hands will all look alike.
We will then call the hands of the orangutan perfect again.

Variation and perfection in nature are exact opposites.
The higher the variation, the lower the perfection,
and vice versa.

Laws of Variation
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