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ordinal Desending Order (top row is first)
Wed, Jun 20 2007 68 Extinction If the territory is not stable,
or has changed and is no longer supporting
its residents as before,
there will be suddenly too much death,
and the number of orangutans in the territory
will not stay the same.

It will be less and less from generation to generation,
and eventually all the orangutans in the territory
might disappear.

If this was the last territory on earth
where there were orangutans,
they will now become extinct.

The process of extinction works independent of
the process of perfection,
though it is part of the same evolutionary process,
mostly driven by high death rates in both cases.

While it will take a long time with many generations
for the hands of the oragutan to become perfect,
the Orangutan is an endangered species,
and are likely to become extinct in just a few generations.

Extinction caused by Natural Selection
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