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Wed, Jun 20 2007 30 The Cows are Dancing Into The Slaughterhouse Go see for yourself.

Douglas Adams can easily make fun of Evolution so well
for the same reason Woody Allen and Mel Brooks
do it to the Jews.

Douglas Adams is part of the community,
and he understands it well.
He can easily make a convincing argument:

Lets pretend you are a cow.

If you are a trouble maker,
the farmer will want to eat you when you are young,
so that you won't make trouble for too long.

Since the farmer wants you dead sooner or later,
if you actually want to die,
this means you are well behaved,
and the farmer can eat you some other day.

Wanting to die will keep you alive.

If the farmer has a nack for dancing cows,
like some Horse breeders do,
then if you are a slighly more of a dancing cow than the rest,
you will be liked, survive, and leave baby cows
with dancing genes.

Those youngsters who do not dance as well,
will have to be eaten sooner so that you can stay
alive while the farmer is not hungry.

Pretense aside,

the genes that will be passed on to the next
generation are those of the better Slaughterhouse dancers,
even if everyone at first -
some 30 thousand years ago -
they all danced violently out and away.

This type of domestication over many generations is termed Artificial Selection.

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