M Database Inspector (cheetah)
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Export to Excel select * from etfk where title = 'Death' order by ordinal ( Row)
Wed, Jun 20 2007 40 Death The cheetah food always replicates
and dies in the mouths of the cheetahs.

The cheetahs replicate and can never find enough food
for the many replicators, and so most of them also die, of hunger.

All the other animals and plants in the territory replicate.

They all compete with each other on the resources.

Because they keep replicating, the resources are never enough.

A single adult living cheetah is responsible
for the deaths of many food animals.
Many of all creatures die,
most when they are very young.

In The Origin Of Species,
Charles Darwin gives a long and detailed
account of how quickly different animals in Nature would grow
to cover the earth,
if it were not for this high death rate.

Struggle for Existence
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