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Wed, Jun 20 2007 60 Mutations How did this cheetah come about to have such a deformed
fingernail to cause its early death?

Well, lets ignore for the moment the story of the Orangutan.
We will get to him next.

With the perfect cheetahs, the new born cheetahs are supposed to all have the correct fingernails.
Otherwise, how can we say they are perfect?

When mother and father cheetah replicate,
they do not always do an exact job of copying
all the charachters to the baby cheetah.

A mistake in the copying of the plan of the body,
can cause a nail to grow a bit too long or too short.

We call this mistake a Mutation.

New mutations occur all the time.

But since the cheetahs are already perfect,
all mutations are bad for survival,
and so when death comes along,
it will almost always pick up the mutations first.

And death does come along plenty.

This much we have already calculated with us humans and the cockroaches.

Evolution is very effective in exterminating mutations,
and like all else, will select only the very few that are beneficial to their individual owner body.

So for the cheetah for instance,
since the time we called it a Cheetah,
there have been many many mutations with many cheetahs.
None of those survived.

Laws of Variation
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